Say It Isn't So

Filmmaker Nancy Meyers Has Crushing News: 'The Holiday' Sequel Is Just A Rumor

The director of 'The Holiday' confirms that the news circulating of a sequel is, unfortunately fake news.

A sequel to The Holiday was reportedly in the works — but the filmmaker Nancy Meyers says that it's ...

Word hit the street yesterday that the cast of ‘The Holidaywould return to our screens soon, and the internet started going wild. The Sun reported that a source said the super-cute 2006 rom-com would release a sequel that was set to begin filming in 2023.

But, alas, just as everyone was getting ready to celebrate, the original film’s director Nancy Meyers had bad news for the world.

There’s no sequel in the works. There’s no Santa Claus. You’ll just have to watch the original again.

Everyone is emotionally exhausted from the twist and turns of events.


According to a report by The Daily Mail, Cameron Diaz had already agreed to the film and was assured that the rest of the original cast will also appear. A source told The Sun, “The plan is to start filming next year. The main talent are all signed up.”

But nope, it’s fake news.

“It's one of the most successful movies of its kind and still enjoyed every year by millions of fans around the world - it makes perfect sense to revisit those characters and find out what became of their lives after they hooked up,” the source continued. “It'll be funny, poignant, and heartwarming - just what everyone wants for Christmas.”

Who is this source, and why did they break everyone’s hearts?

The original was directed by Nancy Meyers, the queen of romantic comedies. She has dished out fan favorites like Parent Trap, What Women Want, Something’s Gotta Give, and It’s Complicated.

And she says there are no plans for a sequel.

“So many DMs about this — sorry, but it not true,” she wrote on Instagram, along with a screen shot of The Daily Mail’s news coverage.

Fans, understandably, had strong reactions, writing on her Instagram post, “Damn, The Daily Fail for gaslighting us all! At least we still have the perfection that is the OG movie to comfort us,” and “SAY IT AIN’T SO, NANCY! 😭💔.”

The bogus news came shortly after The Charlie’s Angels star announced she was coming out of acting retirement. Diaz revealed, via Jamie Foxx’s social channels, that the pair will be starring in a new flick on Netflix, called Back in Action, which will be Cameron’s first project since 2014.

“I was talking to Jamie, and he said you needed a few tips on how to unretire. And I am relatively successful at unretiring,” Tom Brady says in the audio clip. The NFL player is known for his notorious 40 days of retirement after making the decision to quit football, then signing on with the Tampa bay Buccaneers a few weeks later.

Cameron talked about her long retirement in 2018, saying to Gwenyth Paltrow, “When you’re making a movie, it’s a perfect excuse. They own you,” Diaz said. “You’re there for 12 hours a day. For months on end, you have no time for anything else. I realized I handed off parts of my life to all these other people, and they took it.”

While we are psyched to see Cameron Diaz make a comeback, it is surely bittersweet news to learn that it won't be in a little cottage in rural England with a dreamy British single dad.