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There's A New Show Coming Out That Judges Parenting Styles

ABC Network has just launched the trailer for their new show, ‘The Parent Test’ and the experiment is more positive than you think.

Trailer for new show on ABC, 'The Parent Test.'

If you’re like me, you prejudged this show concept and thought, “absolutely not.” Parents are tired of being criticized for how they parent, so the last thing we need is a show to glamorize it. However, I ate a big slice of humble pie when I watched the series trailer, revealing it actually might be amazingly insightful.

The trailer for the series dropped earlier this month, with an overview explaining that the show’s format was based on a “hit Australian” show. The Parent Test will explore the many distinctively different parenting styles. From helicopter to child-led parents, 12 families are put under the microscope in the ultimate parenting stress test and will share learnings about emotional hot-button topics that compare the multiple styles of parenting,” the trailer blurb states.

“The families are put through various situations to foster conversations about how each unit operates. Host Ali Wentworth and parenting expert Dr. Adolph Brown moderate these impassioned conversations amongst parents who may have conflicting opinions on how to raise their families, but they all share the common goal of raising happy, healthy children.”

“Can’t wait to watch! This is going to be an incredible show,” one person commented on their official Instagram page. Other comments were also positive, saying, “Such an important conversation!” and, “Can’t wait!!!”

This month we also got our first look at all 12 couples, “The introductions start now. Get to know #TheParentTest families before the Special Premiere December 15 on ABC,” the post wrote.

Immediately, it is apparent that the cast is diverse and has a wide variety of backgrounds, genders, orientations, and generational representation.

This is going to be GOOD.

The cast themselves gushed in the comments about their experiences, with one contestant sharing, “What an incredible experience we've been gifted 🙏 we did that, ya'll!!!” and another sharing, “Such a cool experience and best of all getting to know these amazing parents!”

“We have learned so much from each other on #theparenttest,” another contestant wrote.

It’s clear that this has made a positive impact on those that participated in the experience, so I cannot wait to see how it helps parents who tune in.

The network began publicizing the show back in October, and it will premiere Thursday, December 15th, on the ABC network.

Catch the premiere tonight, streaming on Hulu.