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Tori Spelling Is Every Mom Right Now Battling Constantly Sick Kids

The mom of five is sick of having sick kids, and honestly, same.

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While we love sending our children off to learn new things and build social skills at school, the much-needed time apart comes with an unfortunate consequences: all. the. germs. Tori Spelling vented her frustrations on her Instagram story Sunday night, sharing that her kids have been out sick from school, only to return and get sick again within days, back to back.

In posts that have now disappeared, Tori shared images of her youngest son, Beau, 5, and wrote, “Poor guy was out 3 weeks sick from school. Finally got him well and back in school all last week, and boom, now sick again! High fevers, and so stuffy. Parents, are you finding this to be true as well? That our kiddos are just getting sick again as soon as they get back to school? It’s like groundhogs day...”

The answer, unfortunately, is yes.

She shared another photo of Beau, despite being under the weather, enjoying Disney On Ice, sharing, “Luckily he made it till the end before falling asleep.”


She shares she is nursing back to health three out of five kids, with a snap of them picking up medicine at the pharmacy, writing, “At Dr. with now 3 sickies, I mean kiddos... pharmacist filling prescriptions [says] ‘weren’t you just here?’ Me: ‘we moved in. You didn’t hear?’”

Once one person’s down, the rest follow!

Tori Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott, share Beau, 5, Finn, 10, and Liam, 15, Hattie, 11, and Stella, 14.

She isn’t the only mom posting about the ups and downs of back to school — TikTok is brimming with parents sharing their experiences, too.

“We are 3 weeks into school, and we are on our second round of 3 sick kids. We went ALL summer long with a family of 5 not getting sick,” one person wrote. “We’ve all been sick for a month and a half since school started,” another lamented.

Why all the viruses? Doctors say that it’s because kids were super sheltered and isolated during the last few pandemic years that many haven’t built up immunity to a lot of the bugs flying around.

The result is pediatric units filled up across the country and lots of missed days of school.

Sending love and patience to all the moms dealing with rounds of sick kids — you’re amazing.