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The White Lotus Season 2 Teaser Reveals Another Season 1 Return

Jennifer Coolidge isn't the only OG cast member to return for Season 2.

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HBO is checking back into The White Lotus for another season, but fans should expect to see a new cast of vacationers and a new locale when they tune in. After serving up a proper ending for most of the characters in Season 1, series creator Mike White is turning The White Lotus into an anthology series that will feature a revolving cast of characters and White Lotus hotels all around the world. On July 18, HBO offered viewers their first glimpse of The White Lotus Season 2 in the form of a teaser trailer, and it's already clear viewers' second stay at the luxury hotel will be every bit as exciting as their first.

Season 1 of The White Lotus was a major hit for HBO. Not only did the mystery-comedy generate lots of buzz and positive reviews, but it also earned an astonishing 20 Emmy nominations — eight of which were in acting categories. Given how much fans and Hollywood industry types alike loved Season 1, changing up the cast and setting is a big risk. But it's one that will pay off, according to one of the show's only returning stars, Jennifer Coolidge.

"I have had people give me cool parts," Coolidge said of White in a recent interview with Deadline. "For an actor to get a part like this, I got it twice. It's unbelievable. I was standing under the lucky tree. If nothing ever happens after this, I think I'll be alright; I'll still be fulfilled."

Read on for more details about what to expect in The White Lotus Season 2.

Where will Season 2 of The White Lotus take place?

The show is relocating from Hawaii to Sicily in Season 2. In fact, the official title is now The White Lotus: Sicily. According to Variety, the new season will consist of seven episodes and take place over the course of a single week at a White Lotus resort in Italy.

Back in January, Variety revealed the second season was filming at the Four Seasons San Domenico Palace in the Sicilian town of Taormina. In an April interview with Cosmopolitan, Season 2 star Aubrey Plaza shared how the new location will help give the new season its own feel.

"It's cool how the location informs the show," Plaza told the publication. "Sicily is such a culturally rich place. I mean, there's a literal volcano that has erupted since we've been here. It's a very charged environment. It's going to feel like that."

Who's in the Season 2 cast?

Along with a fresh setting, Season 2 also has a fresh cast. In addition to Plaza, who plays Harper Spiller, one half of a married couple on vacation with their friends, the new cast also includes Will Sharpe as Harper's husband Ethan, Meghann Fahy and Theo James as the Spillers' friends Cameron and Daphne Babcock, F. Murray Abraham as Bert Di Grasso, Michael Imperioli as Dominic De Grasso, Adam DiMarco as Elbie Di Grasso, Tom Hollander as an English man named Quentin, and Leo Woodall as a guest named Jack.

Meanwhile, a trio of Italian actors has joined the show as well. Sabrina Impacciatore is this season's answer to Armond as the hotel's manager, Valentina, while Beatrice Grannó and Simona Tabasco will play two locals who spend time at The White Lotus resort.

As for returning actors, Coolidge's Tanya will be staying at the hotel along with her new assistant, Portia (Haley Lu Richardson). Additionally, the teaser revealed Tanya's boyfriend Greg (Jon Gries) — whom she met and fell for in Season 1 — is returning as well. In the teaser, you can glimpse the couple together, which suggests they're still growing strong (for now, at least).

Is there a trailer yet?

HBO has yet to release a full trailer, but the premium channel teased the upcoming season in a teaser trailer featuring a number of shows set to premiere in the back half of 2022.

When will The White Lotus Season 2 premiere?

While there's no premiere date set for Season 2 just yet, it does seem promising that HBO included footage from the series in its coming soon trailer. That suggests The White Lotus will premiere in fall 2022 or early 2023.

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