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A Woman Has A Solid Theory About Why Kylie Kelce Didn't Go Out After The Super Bowl

And yes, it has a lot to do with her being the mom to three kids.

A TikToker went viral for her take on why Kylie Kelce skipped out on all the Super Bowl after-partie...
@thisisjessrose / TikTok

If you’ve watched about a thousand videos of Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, Jason Kelce, and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs team party in Las Vegas clubs after their latest Super Bowl win, you probably noticed that Jason Kelce’s wife, Kylie Kelce, was nowhere to be found.

Amongst the thumping bass, smoke machines, and Jason Kelce wearing a Lucha Libre mask, most moms were probably not puzzled for a minute when Kylie wasn’t with the rest of the crew. She most likely opted for something a little more low-key.

One TikToker went viral for her take on why Kylie skipped out on all the after-parties, noting that she feels qualified to make these kinds of assumptions since she is the “Kylie of [her] friend group.”

“Not that I know her in any way, shape, or form but I think I might understand her a little bit,” Jess Rose began.

“A woman like this — who is dedicated to never wearing her brother-in-law's team because it is opposed to every fiber of her being ... A woman with that fortitude and that dedication does not feel any peer pressure to go out with people to places she does not want to go,” Rose says, referencing photos of Kylie on Super Bowl Sunday where she wore a red University of Cincinnati Bearcats shirt.

Jason and Travis Kelce both attended the University of Cincinnati.

She goes on to assume that Kylie’s role as a mom might have influenced her decision to bow out of the post-win celebrations.

“This woman has three children. She's like, ‘I'm on vacation in Vegas which means somewhere there is a quiet hotel room where I can sit after this loud game, and nobody will come bother me and nobody with tiny hands will come looking for me for things,’” she said.

Based off of what Kylie spilled to Scary Mommy, this theory might not be too far off.

“Like two days ago, all three girls were holding snacks, even our littlest, holding snacks, and they were in a line to get me to open them. And I was like, ‘Dad is sitting right there.’ But that's the way mom works, right? Like, ‘I know mom will open it. Dad might take a minute, but mom will open it right now,’” Kylie explained during a sit-down with Scary Mommy.

A night alone in a swanky hotel without three little kids saying, “Mom, mom, mom!” over and over until your ears bleed? A lot of moms are absolutely opting out of a loud night of partying for a quiet night in.

Kylie also is the more laid-back half of a married couple with an extremely extroverted husband.

“This is all of my assumptions, but when you're married to the Jason of the group, you say, ‘Hey ... look at me ... I love you with all of my heart. I am done for the day. I'm not gonna go out you can go do whatever you want to do. Please do not end up in jail or dead, and then you send them on their merry little way. and you get to go have a quiet evening in the hotel room ...” Rose continued before concluding that she thinks Kylie had “more quiet plans.”

After Rose’s video went viral with over 1.5 million views, several TikTok users chimed in, agreeing with the TikToker’s take on Kylie’s absence.

“I immediately thought. God she's somewhere quiet isn't she... 😂😂😅,” one user joked.

“I feel this in my bones! Comfy clothes and a nice hotel bed in peace 100%,” another said.

Another echoed, “Moms get it! If I had a chance to either go to a loud post Super Bowl party in the middle of the night or be in a quiet hotel…I know what I’m doing.”

Maybe it’s another reason why Kylie Kelce is the most relatable and likable celebrity mom of the moment!

Rose herself says that she mostly identifies with Kylie’s ladi back nature. She tells Scary Mommy, “I love how Kylie seems like she is very comfortable and confident with herself. I am the low key friend of the group that thrives in casual clothes and comfortable shoes.”

She also is a firm believer in “momcations,” noting that Kylie did it right when she decided to lay-low post-Super Bowl.

“By best friend and I take [momcations] twice a year to recharge and reset. It makes us better moms overall. When our tanks are full, we can pour that back into our kids and families. I think all moms deserve to take time for themselves and thankfully society seems to be supporting this more and more,” she says before joking that it was actually Kylie who won the Super Bowl.

She says, “She was there to have fun with and support her family. She sees to be a great mom and great partner and if she was able to carve out time for herself too then that is a big win. A quiet night alone is the mom version of the Lombardi trophy.”