Viral Video Nails Difference Between Your First Pregnancy And Every Pregnancy After That

by Cassandra Stone
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Seasoned moms just don’t have time to figure out what size fruit their babies are

There is nothing quite like your first pregnancy. You’re pampered, you have time to nap when you’re tired, and you know the exact piece of fruit that is comparable to the size of your baby at all times. You’ve read all the books, you’ve purchased things like wipe warmers and car seat covers.

This is, uh, not exactly the case for any subsequent pregnancies.

Esther Anderson of the popular blog Story Of This Life knows this all too well. When she was pregnant with her third little girl, she created a cheeky video to show just how different this pregnancy was from her first.

In the video, we see that both First Pregnancy Esther and her baby’s nursery are ready for a catalogue shoot. Third Pregnancy Esther is in sweats, a messy bun, and isn’t here for any of that “my baby is the size of a pomegranate” stuff because who has the time? She’s got two other little ones to keep up with!

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“Why do they call it morning sickness? It lasts all day. I’ve tried preggo pops, ginger root and ginger tea and ginger ale,” First Pregnancy Esther says.

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“Oh I feel like crap, but I’ve gotta keep the other ones alive, so,” Third Pregnancy Esther gestures to the mini-garbage can she’s strapped around her neck.

LOL. This is too real.

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And as for that no lunch meat/soft cheese/caffeine rule? After your first pregnancy, it’s pretty much impossible to adhere to those rules as strictly as you did the first time around. For all the rest of your pregnancies, you’re no rookie — but you also can’t survive the day without caffeine. Shaming a pregnant mom for her much-needed caffeine is just plain cruel.

Also: maternity clothes. When we were first-timers, we could get away with wearing our normal clothes until, like, the second trimester. For all subsequent pregnancies, we’re reaching for those elastic-waist jeans and flowy tops as soon as the pregnancy test comes up positive.

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Now let’s talk about the almighty Birth Plan. How many of us had a very specific idea of how we wanted our labor to go the first time around? You feel confident, in control, you want it to all go according to plan (barring any emergencies, of course). A lot of first-timers want to go the “all natural” route, too.

Third Pregnancy Esther feels a little differently: “Give me all the drugs.”

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Enough said.

It doesn’t matter if you’re pregnant with your second, third, or eighth baby. You will never be the person you were during the first time around. That perfectly-coiffed woman with all the right baby apps and weekly bump photos is simply nowhere to be found. Bless her heart.

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