8 Best Baby Car Seat Covers 2021: Top Picks For Winter & Summer

The Best Baby Car Seat Covers To Protect Your Precious Cargo From The Elements (And All Those Cheek Pinchers)

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Understanding the convenient power of the best baby car seat covers is like joining a secret parents society. (Cue the family quotes from parents who’ve been there, done that.) Those in the know never think to talk about them. But ask any car seat cover-converted parent, and they will confess to wondering how the hell they managed before it. Even if you don’t have a car or you live someplace warm, infant car seat covers are still vital to making new parenthood effortless. (Well, this part of parenting, at least.) Because what you may not realize is that the best baby car seat covers are not only a winter essential — although, let’s be frank, they’re game-changers in terms of your cold-weather baby gear — they’re also indispensable barriers to the outside world you will depend on. Every. Single. Day.

Most baby car seat covers fit effortlessly on infant car seats and many strollers, offering protection from the rain, wind, and snow, but also bugs, sun, and most importantly, keeping them safe from germs. Yup, you can keep all those cheek-pinching baby kissers (and their germs) at a distance without fighting to keep that swaddling blanket strategically placed over baby’s carrier. Which, we’re sorry to point out, will eventually slide off onto that super clean sidewalk or grocery store floor — yuck!

So stop picking up that dirty blanket and get yourself a nice clean baby car seat cover. There are 100% cotton muslin and UV-protecting sun covers for warm weather. And for you cold weather dwellers, some of the best baby car seat covers are as snuggly as the warmest winter jacket (without the hassle of getting baby suited up in all that winter gear). Because who the hell wants to spend their mornings bundling your LO in multiple layers of baby gear when you really, really need to get out the door? Protect Baby and make your life as a parent easier with the best baby car seat covers for all the elements.

Baby Car Seat Covers For Winter

JJ Cole Car Seat Cover

Keep your little one snug as a bug no matter what the elements have in store with the JJ Cole car seat cover. Featuring a universal elastic design, the JJ Cole car seat cover easily fits most infant car seats and standard-sized strollers. The weather resistant nylon shell protects Baby from wind and rain, while the soft interior fleece lining keeps Baby warm without the need for a thick winter jacket.

“This is a great cover. My baby is always warm just wearing sleepers in it, which is so much safer than big, bulky outerwear. I like that it didn’t cover the handle of the car seat like many other covers because I hold the car seat in the crook of my arm” reviews one Amazon customer. When the weather changes, keep Baby cooler and comfortable with a simple unzip of the top blanket, or completely remove it on those rare winter days when it unexpectedly warms up.

$29.99 AT AMAZON

Amazlinen Stretchy Baby Car Seat Cover

The all-season Amazlinen stretchy baby car seat cover is not only great in all types of weather, but easy to install thanks to universal fit technology. Crafted from a unique 4-way stretch knit fabric, the mid-weight, wind-resistant car seat cover keeps LOs comfy with a super soft minky lining. Plus with ample zipper openings, you can easily remove or secure Baby without uninstalling the car seat cover. Not only does the dual zip opening make it easy to check on your precious cargo, it allows for complete control over how much light and fresh air get in.

Perfect car seat cover,” reviews one Amazon customer. “Super soft material with a nice design. Stretches nicely over the carseat and can be left on when the car seat is put on the base in the car. I like this cover because it doesn’t come near the baby’s face when zipped like other covers. Well worth the money and I would definitely recommend it!” Mom bonus: The Amazlinen car seat cover comes in adorable prints like pink arrows or cute cloudy sheep which will be loved as much by Baby as by Mama.

$23.99 AT AMAZON

7AM Enfant Cocoon Car Seat Cover

In every downtown or big city, 7AM Enfant outerwear is the cosmopolitan choice for bundling stylish urban babies. Not only is the fashionable 7Am Enfant Cocoon car seat cover chic, but the entire line is vegan, cruelty-free, and oh so warm! Available in a wide range of colors and fabrics including velour and water-repellent nylon, we especially love the warm luxury of the faux fur-trimmed style. The 7AM Enfant Cocoon car seat cover sits on top of the infant carrier, eliminating the hassle of installing the cover around a 5-point harness.

“Absolutely love everything about the 7AM Cocoon. I simply put my baby in the car seat with just her clothing and a blanket and she stays warm. But there’s nothing in back of her, so she also doesn’t get overly sweaty,” reviews one mom on Amazon. “It’s so easy to go out. I don’t have to think twice because I don’t have to deal with the ‘bundling up baby’ hassle.”

$85.00 AT AMAZON

Skip Hop Stroll & Go Winter Car Seat Cover

Providing new parents with fashionable yet functional designs since 2003, the Stroll & Go car seat cover is another parenting essential from Skip Hop. Featuring a unique roll-away front flap to easily get Baby in and out of the car seat, this winter car seat cover provides a warm refuge during all your little one’s travels. Snap down the soft fleece collar to expose baby’s head or safely cover Baby’s face for protection from the elements and germs.

“Best winter item for moms and babies ever!” reviews one enthusiastic parent on Amazon. “Easy to put on and easy to use. It’s got a fleece inside to keep baby warm and a windbreaker type outside layer to keep the cold air and wind out. Very versatile and great for use in all kinds of weather conditions. I can’t imagine doing this mom thing without this product.”

$32.99 AT AMAZON

Baby Car Seat Covers For Summer

JoMolly Muslin Baby Car Seat Cover Canopy

Let your baby travel in peace with the JoMolly Baby Car Seat Canopy Cover. Made from breathable cotton muslin, the privacy canopy keeps people and their germs out, while allowing comfortable air flow and filtered light in.

“With a newborn arriving in the middle of a crazy flu epidemic, we were paranoid about keeping him germ-free. We didn’t take him anywhere at first. Then I ordered this. We drape it over the car seat as pictured and take him out and about now. As his pediatrician said, ‘If they can’t see him, they won’t touch him.’ I absolutely love this purchase,” reviews one parent on Amazon. Available in two adorable gender-neutral designs, the machine washable, 100% cotton muslin canopy snaps to the handle of any infant seat for effortless use. 



$15.95 AT AMAZON

Kids N’ Such Multi-Use Baby Car Seat Cover

Made of a lightweight cotton jersey to ensure maximum breathability, the Kids N’ Such baby car seat cover offers maximum versatility. This little parenting go-to can be used to cover germy high chairs and shopping carts in addition to covering car seats. Plus, it even doubles as the perfect modesty wrap for nursing mothers on the go.

“Obsessed,” reviews one mom on Amazon. “I love that you can use it as a high chair cover too. Quality is great. I’d say it’s perfect — it’s a lightweight material but has that heavy feeling. This was the coolest cover I found and so happy I did.” Plus with the 10,000 washes guarantee from Kids N’ Such, you can feel confident your product will stand the test of time (or at least last through those infant and toddler years).

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Cozy Cover Sun And Bug Baby Car Seat Cover

Protect Baby from nasty insect bites and UV rays without applying chemical laden creams or sprays with the Cozy Cover sun and bug car seat cover. This perfect warm weather cover is made of a lightweight material featuring a mesh front panel to increase air circulation while keeping pesky bugs at bay. Parked in the sun? Pull the attached sun shade down for added UV protection. The best part of all? The Cozy Cover creates a safety barrier around your little one while still allowing them to see the world around.

I love this product!” exclaims one Amazon mom. “I bought one for my first born and it helped so much to keep handsy people away, plus bugs and sun. Now with my second, I knew I had to buy another one.” 

$24.99 AT AMAZON

Metplus Cotton Muslin Car Seat Cover

Another fantastic cotton muslin pick, the Metplus Car Seat Cover will make Baby’s car seat an airy oasis. This gauzy cover lets air and filtered light in while keeping debris, dust pollen, and harsh sun rays out. It also comes in 8 bold patterns for both boys and girls — and they’re all totally adorable.

One Amazon parent raves that this lightweight shield is exactly what she was looking for. “The muslin fabric is light and very breathable and allows for the breeze to go through, but [it’s] opaque and blocks most of the sunlight, which helps to protect the baby’s eyes,” she says. And, of course, “The design is also super cute.”

$13.99 AT AMAZON


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