10 Fidget Toy Stocking Stuffers To Keep Little (And Big!) Hands Busy

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Scary Mommy and Amazon

Fidget toys are having a (prolonged) moment. To be fair, there is something satisfying about squishing or spinning things in your hands. These toys help kids concentrate, stay in one spot for longer than thirty seconds, and they have the magical ability to help them cope with stress or anxiety.

My kids are all teenagers and they still love their fidget toys. In fact, they just order a large box of soft, rubber animals and they use them when they are anxious during school, or on long car rides.

Here are some of the best fidgets for you to stuff in your kids’ stockings this year, so go on and get shopping.

1.SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Cube (Set Of 2), $45 At Amazon


This fidget cube is an award-winning fidget toy that will keep hands busy. It has 36 rare magnets and can be transformed into 70 shapes so it never gets boring.

2. Zalik Pop It Fidget Toys (4-Pack), $13, At Amazon


Pop Its are so satisfying, and this four-pack of rainbow fidget toys is the perfect thing to throw in your kid’s stocking. These help relieve stress and have a soft feel so they are easy on your little one’s hands and fingers. They are also great to take on long car rides.

3.HAPPYFOAM Pop Bubble Pushing Toy (28 Pieces), $30 At Amazon


This Christmas-themed pop fidget toy includes all the pieces your kid would need to see them through the busy holiday season. They make a great stress reliever and can help with your child’s critical thinking.

4.Small Fish Infinity Cube, $9.45 At Amazon


The Infinity Cube fidget toy is great for kids and adults. It’s great to pass time when you are waiting and helps with stress and anxiety relief.

5. Finger Rock Magnetic Rings (3 Pieces), $10 At Amazon


These magnetic rings are lightweight and make a fantastic fidget toy for kids, teens, and adults. They are smooth to the touch, and will fit right in your pocket. A great solution when you have to be in one place and are feeling antsy.

6.Coogam Rainbow Puzzle Ball, $11 At Amazon


This small ball fits right in the palm of a hand and can keep you busy for hours. This fidget will keep kids work on their critical thinking, and is good for all ages — including adults.

7. Pop It Notebook Fidget, $7 At Amazon


It’s a notebook and it’s a fidget. This is a great way for your kids to keep track of their school work, journal, or doodle, and have a colorful fidget toy on hand.

8. RosyLife Foldable Fidget Toys (20-Pack), $8 At Amazon


These foldable and bendable fidgets come in ten colors. They are recommended for those who struggle with OCD and ADHD and can help people stay focused.

9. Louliou Big Size Push Pop Bubble Fidget, $13 At Amazon


This easy to grasp, silicone toy comes in a bunch of different colors and is a great way to burn off anxiety and stress. Kids love them and so do adults. This one has a belt loop clip for easy keeping.

10. Wikki Stix, $8.11 At Amazon


These flexible sticks are a great way to get your kids to engage in creative play. It comes with 24 sticks in a set and will keep your kids busy for hours.

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