10 Free Fish Printables So Your Kiddo Can 'Just Keep Swimming'

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Fish Coloring Pages
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Fish get a bad rap sometimes. They’re slippery, a little mysterious, and not exactly snuggly. But we’ve all probably had a goldfish or two in our day, right? And we loved watching Finding Nemo. So we probably all have a warm place in our hearts for fish despite their not-so-warm-and-cuddly nature. But what also makes fish so great? Well, fish are pretty low-maintenance. Give them some water and they’re good. They’re also pretty quiet as far as creatures go. They’re pretty smart, too. Hey, they do go to school after all! (That’s a fish joke for ya.) We also know that eating them is healthy since they have amazing omega-3s, vitamins D and B2, and lots of other good stuff — including being low fat, high-quality protein. But what about coloring them? Fish are beautiful to look at with all their gorgeous colors and patterns, and they come in all different shapes and sizes. Both of which are traits that make fish coloring pages a beautiful way to beat boredom.

We also know that watching fish in aquariums is known to calm us and help improve focus while boosting mood, so we’re pretty sure that coloring them will have the same effect. Plus, it’s just fun! So grab your little fin and some crayons, and give these fish some color. Cod it get any beta? (#sorrynotsorry)

Free Fish Coloring Pages

1. Doodle Fish

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From its pretty circular patterns to its eyelashes and lips, this is one gorgeous-looking fish. In fact, it might just be the Angelina Jolie of doodle fish. But we think it would be a blast to give it a bit more color than Angie’s preferred neutral palette.

2. A Different Doodle Fish

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Boho chic is written all over this fish. From its flowers to star patterns, this stunner is reliving the ’70s — and we’re loving it. Definitely stick with the bright colors for this one. Fun fact: Sailfish, swordfish, and marlin are the fastest fish in the ocean, and can reach speeds of up to 70 miles per hour.

3. Balance Fish

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These two fish have got their eye on each other! As for us, we’ve got our eye on which colors would be best for this fish pair that’s mimicking the Pisces symbol. Did you know that some fish (like the female sunfish) can lay up to 300,000,000 eggs during a single spawning season? That sure is a lot of mouths to feed!

4. Happy Fish

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Can you say “thank you for being a friend”? These two fish couldn’t be happier to be in each other’s company. Just looking at them brings a smile to our faces. Do they look the same, or is it a matter of opposites attract? You decide! And to circle back to our Golden Girl moment, did you know the oldest fish was 65 years old? It was an Australian lungfish.

5. Cartoon Fish No. 1

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These two fish couldn’t be more different. However, they look like they’re a couple of pals who like to have fun. Is it us or do they also have a mischievous twinkle in their eyes? Even more enjoyable to help tell their “tail.” And just look at that catfish’s fancy whiskers. Did you know they have more than 27,000 taste buds, while humans have only 9,000?

6. Cartoon Fish No. 2

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Well, what do we have here? It seems that the first fish is eager for adventure, while the fish following doesn’t seem so sure. Could it be they’re concerned with the jellyfish precariously hanging around? Maybe they’re all friends, though. What do you think the story is here? Contrary to their names, jellyfish, starfish, and crayfish aren’t fish. Jellyfish are invertebrates, starfish are echinoderms, and crayfish are crustaceans.

7. Fish Tribe

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This tribe of silly fish is family. Or at least that’s how it seems to us. They look alike, but they all seem to be doing their own thing and going in different directions. Relatable, no? If we had to choose, we would think the middle fish and top left fish are the parental figures of the family. What do you think? Will you color them differently or identically?

8. – 10. Lots o’ Tropical Fish

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Tropical fish are just so cool, aren’t they? Easygoing and exotic. Seeing them so happy as they swim along with their friends has us dreaming about the tropics and vacationing with our friends too. Even if you can’t travel right now, you can let your imagination run wild by adding some much-needed color to these fishy pals. Maybe one day you’ll even get to see a school of them IRL. There are 30,000 species of fish out there, and scientists are pretty sure there are many they’ve yet to discover.

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