53 Fortnite Jokes And Puns That Are A Real Hot Drop Of Humor

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Fortnite Jokes and Puns
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If you’ve got a gamer in your house — or you are the gamer — no one needs to tell you twice that Fortnite hit the gaming world by storm when it dropped in 2017. A battle royale game to beat all battle royale games, Fortnite quickly became its own universe full of staunchly devoted fans. And, as with anything that develops a cult following, it didn’t take long for Fortnite players to begin speaking what feels a lot like their own language. It’s thanks to that lingo, in large part, that Fortnite jokes and puns are so frickin’ funny. As the kids say, IFKYK (slang word translation, parents: “If you know, you know.”)

Of course, Fortnite isn’t the only character-rich universe to lend itself to LOL-inducing — and, let’s be honest, sometimes cringe-y — inside jokes. If your gamer finds the following Fortnite humor hilarious, they’ll probably also get a kick out of Dungeons and Dragons jokes. They might even think the Force is strong with Star Wars jokes and puns. The point? You can “bait” your gamer into having fun with you if you share some common ground.

So, crank out a dub with the following Fortnite jokes.

Funniest Fortnite Jokes and Puns


  1. What do people say in Fortnite after rubber-banding?

“Oh, snap!”

  1. Why do Fortnite gamers have great teeth?

They love to floss at any given opportunity.

  1. What’s the difference between a Fortnite gamer and photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis gets sunlight.

  1. What is the best dish to eat when playing Fortnite?

Ghost peeking duck — salty!

  1. Why were the thieves annoyed after returning empty-handed from the alphabet factory?

All they got was the L.

  1. What’s EA’s favorite Fortnite dance?

Swipe It.

  1. Why is Fortnite so popular on Halloween?

All of the hills are haunted.

  1. What does a Fortnite gamer use to turn on his TV?

An Emote control.

  1. If a vegan does CrossFit and doesn’t like Fortnite…

Which do they tell you about first?

  1. What is a Fortnite player’s favorite era?

The ‘90s.

  1. Why do skeletons not know how to play Fortnite?

They don’t have skins!

  1. How do animals enter an arc in Fortnite?

One by one.

  1. Did you hear about the Fortnite game about 100 cows fighting for life?

They called it a Cattle Royale.

  1. What do you call a dinosaur playing Fortnite?

A Flossoraptor.

  1. How do we know Fortnite is such a popular game?

It’s taking the world by storm.

  1. Why do earthworms hate Fortnite?

They know they’re going to be baited.

  1. Why was the Walmart cashier good at playing Fortnite?

He was an expert at tagging!

  1. Where was the broke Fortnite gamer dropped in the game?

In the Peasant Park.

  1. Why is the game called Fortnite?

That’s how long it takes for a person to get bored of it!

  1. Why is Kylo Ren one of the best Fortnite players in the Galaxy?

Because of his love for Solo kills.

  1. Who flosses at Buckingham Palace?

The Royale family.

  1. Why did Shrek start playing Fortnite?

He wanted to visit the Slurpy Swamp!

  1. How many Fortnite players does it take to change a lightbulb?

Two. One to actually do the job and the other to floss like they made a massive accomplishment.

  1. Where do whiny Fortnite players get dropped in the game?

Salty Towers.

  1. How is playing Fortnite like watching X-Men?

You know Storm is on the way.

  1. How does Ninja know where to find enemies in Fortnite?

He wears sneakers.

  1. Where do tired Fortnite gamers go to hang out in the game?

Lazy Lake.

  1. Where do Fortnite players love to work?

At the Retail Row.

  1. Why did the game deny the user who tried to use Fortnite as a password?

It was too week.

  1. Where was the kid who was bawling out his eyes found in the game?

In the Weeping Woods.

  1. Why did the pirate start playing Fortnite?

He wanted to loot the Viking Vessel.

  1. Why did the royal Fortnite player sleep in a castle at night?

That was his fort right!

  1. What does a gamer feel after he plays Fortnite all day long?


  1. Why was the gamer running around instead of camping in the game?

Fort-une favors the brave!

  1. What do you call a person who plays Fortnite in the daytime?

A babysitter.

  1. What did Epic games name their Fortnite sequel?


  1. Why is Fortnite such a tough game to get over?

Because of all of the fort-ifications.

  1. What did the chef name his Fortnite-inspired restaurant?

Butter Royale.

  1. What is a Fortnite gamer’s favorite Disney character?


  1. Where do Fortniters sleep?

In a nite fort.

  1. What do you call a squad of Raven skins who eliminate someone?

A murder of crows.

  1. How do we know medieval families played Fortnite, too?

All the royale clashes!

  1. What does Peely say when he’s sick?

“I’m not ‘peeling’ so well.”

  1. Which is the most hydrated team that plays Fortnite?

Team Liquid.

  1. Why is Fortnite being blamed for ecological issues?

Streams are turning salty every day!

  1. How did the Fortnite gamer try to decrease lag on his modem?

Tying a rubber band on it.

  1. My son to his friends playing Fortnite: “Yo, where we dropping?”

Me: “Out of school, apparently.”

  1. What do you call Fortnite in America?

A quarter battle with cheese.

  1. Why do soccer players hate playing Fortnite?

They don’t like passing the battle to one another.

  1. Why did the panda love playing Fortnite?

He was a creepy bear.

  1. What do you call a gassy dad’s favorite game?


  1. Have you ever heard about the guy who plays Fortnite and studies in Oxford?

Jokes have a limit too.

  1. How are jokes about Fortnite and Fortnite players alike?

Neither will grow old!

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