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30+ Popular Slang Words And What They Mean So You Never Feel Basic Again

December 9, 2019 Updated February 26, 2020

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Are you feeling lost with how young people are communicating today? When you hear the word “receipts,” do you think of digging through your purse to find your literal receipts? There are so many new slang words out there today that it’s hard to keep track of what they are and their meaning. To help you navigate through the murky waters of post-millennial slang words and what they mean, we’ve compiled this handy list to help you sound more cool and way less basic.

  1. Basic: Describes someone who’s extremely mainstream. Think: lover of Taylor Swift, pumpkin spice lattes, and Uggs.
  2. Beat: Used as an adjective or verb when it comes to beauty and/or makeup. Example: “I have a date tonight, so I’m going to beat my face.”
  3. Bye, Felicia: Used when you’re tired of someone and dismiss them. It comes from the 1995 movie “Friday” in which Ice Cube says, “Bye, Felicia!” to a woman who’s bothering his friend.
  4. Clapback: Responding to criticism akin to a comeback.
  5. Clock: This means to call out someone pretty harshly, including insulting someone. Example:  “I clocked her for saying that!”
  6. Dead: When something strikes you so funny or good that it renders you “dead.” Example: “Did you see that kitty meme? I’m dead.”
  7. Extra: This translates to “over the top” and is usually used when someone or something is trying too hard.
  8. Full send: When you go “all in” and not care about the consequences no matter what.
  9. Flex: Showing off your lavish lifestyle or valuables in a non-humble way.
  10. GOAT: Means “Greatest of All Time.” Think Serena Williams. She’s definitely GOAT.
  11. High Key: Describing something loudly and proudly. The opposite of “low key” (which is also the down low).
  12. Ghosting: When someone disappears from your life, typically in a dating relationship, without any communication or contact.
  13. Gucci: Synonymous with “good” whether as something you’re feeling or have. For example: “My purse is so Gucci” or “I feel Gucci.”
  14. Hundo P: The short form of “100 per cent.” Use it when you agree with something whole-heartedly.
  15. Kiki: Used to describe a fun party with good friend and vibes. It can also be used to describe a gathering where you’ll gather with friends and unload gossip (a.k.a. spill the tea).
  16. Left on read: When someone reads your text but doesn’t reply. Originates from iPhone’s read receipts. Also can be used as just “read.”
  17. Mood: Similar to saying ‘same’ about something that’s relatable. Example: “I can’t wait to crash and watch Netflix tonight and order take-out.” “Mood.”
  18. No Cap: This is used to reiterate you’re not lying or exaggerating about something you said. Example: “That food was delicious, no cap.”
  19. Raincheck: When you cancel plans with someone at the last minute. Example: “My friend keeps rainchecking me.”
  20. Receipts: Not the literal ones. These refer to screenshots of text messages or Snapchats. You can collect these and show them in response to prove your point, especially if someone has denied they said or did something.
  21. Salty: Similar to feeling upset, angry, or bitter.
  22. Shade: Describe suspicious or disrespectful behavior. You can also “throw shade” when you’ve casually dissed something.
  23. Shook: When you are shaken up by something for better or for worse.
  24. Slaps: Describes anything that you find exceptionally good and impressive. Example: “This vegetarian lasagna slaps.”
  25. Slay: To kill something — in a good way. Includes everything from “slaying” the job interview to “slaying” your outfit.
  26. Snatched: Referring to looking good, fashionable, and extremely fierce. Example: “That dress looks snatched!”
  27. Stan: It means being a huge fan of something. It originates from Eminem’s 2000 song “Stan”, which follows the letters of an obsessive fan named Stan. Example: “I stan Shawn Mendes.”
  28. Sus: Derived from the word ‘suspicious.’ Usually reserved for someone who’s being quiet or acting a little shady.
  29. Swerve: This typically means to avoid something, usually an unwanted situation or confrontation.
  30. TBH: An abbreviation of “to be honest” when you’ve got to get something off your chest.
  31. Tea: Exchanging hot gossip. You can get it, spill it, and give it.
  32. Woke: A word currently used to describe a higher level of consciousness when it comes to current affairs, especially regarding classism, racism, and any other social injustices.
  33. Wig: Use this when something crazy and exciting has just happen whether you’re actually wearing a wig or not. Example: “I just got tickets to Billie Eilish.” “Omg, wig!”

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