10 Things I Did To Get Through My Fourth Trimester

10 Things I Did To Get Through My Fourth Trimester

August 12, 2019 Updated August 23, 2019

Mother holding baby indoors
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I spent my entire pregnancy preparing and getting ready for my big life change. What I didn’t prepare for, though, was the fourth trimester. After the baby is born, moms go into a phase where we have to adjust to our new normal, body changes, and do all of this while taking care of a tiny, little, helpless human. 

Thankfully, my fourth trimester went as smoothly as you would expect for someone who was operating on about three hours of sleep a night. 

1. My Support System

I would not have been able to make it through my fourth trimester without my close friends and family. These aren’t the folks who stopped by for a few minutes with a gift for the baby. I’m talking about the people who washed dishes, vacuumed, or took my infant out for a walk because they knew I needed a few minutes to myself. They saw me at my most vulnerable moments and were there when I needed them the most. 

2. Comfy (But Cute) Postpartum Clothes

Never underestimate the power of a new pair of yoga pants and a clean, fresh cotton T-shirt on a postpartum mama. I found that taking care of myself, including showering and putting on clean clothes that fit comfortably during my fourth trimester, did wonders for my psyche. 

Whether I wore a casual graphic tee from Target’s Universal Thread brand or a stylish cotton top from their Prologue line to step my game up a little, looking fresh and clean felt great. Especially considering I was usually covered in baby spit-up.

3. Baby Snuggles

Although there were plenty of times during my fourth trimester that I was actively seeking out moments for myself, I was grateful for every opportunity to snuggle my baby. Holding my little one, sniffing their head, and marveling at their soft skin helped me remember why all the postpartum challenges I was dealing with were totally worth it. 

4. Asked For Help

 I never asked for help more in my life than I did during my fourth trimester. Needing assistance to open doors, lift things, and watch the baby while I went to pee helped make this mama super humble.

5. All of the Hacks

Did you know that you can use a second diaper as a changing pad in a hurry? Or that you can pull down a bodysuit from the top to make cleaning up after a blowout easier? I lived for new mom hacks during my fourth trimester. If another mom had already figured it out, there was no need for me to stress over it.

6. I Got Moving

I’m not going to lie. The last thing I wanted to do after I had my baby was exercise. Fortunately for me, he loved the fresh air so I was forced to get moving and take him on walks with our jogger stroller. That was the best thing that I could have done. Getting out of the house and moving my body made me feel amazing and helped me get back to feeling like myself a lot faster than if I would have just stayed at home on the couch.

7. Accepted ‘New Baby’ Attention

Some folks say that moms disappear after they have a baby. I found that I became more visible. People wanted to know about everything, from my delivery to how the baby was sleeping, and I was happy to oblige. It felt kind of like I was the belle of every ball when I walked into a room with my baby carrier on! 

8. Indulged in All of the Products

I did a lot of shopping for my baby before he was born. After he was born, I discovered that no two babies are alike. They have different product needs depending on their skin and temperament. But this Aveeno Baby Daily Care Set is perfect for babies, no matter how sensitive their super-soft skin is.

During the fourth trimester, my needs changed as well. My skin was more sensitive, and I found that what worked for him, worked for me, too. We both took a liking to Aveeno Calming Lotion and the Calming Wash, and basically anything Aveeno Baby came out with, I jumped to try. 

9. Good Television

Early morning and late-night feedings gave me many opportunities to watch new television series and movies. Good television definitely got me through my fourth trimester and probably gave me a leg up for any pop-culture trivia contests I might enter. Once the baby is a little older, of course.

10. Ridiculous Love for My Baby

Getting through my fourth trimester took a lot of work and effort. There were times when I felt too exhausted to get out of the bed, but I did it anyway. I would have done anything for my baby.

So I want to give props to myself, the mama, for pushing through the hard times and getting to the good part. Love will make you do crazy things. Thank goodness for that!

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