From The Confessional: These BFF Breakups Are Petty AF

by Cassandra Stone

Friend breakups are super common—and now we’re actually going to talk about them

We’ve all been through it—a friend breakup. One day, you’re BFFs and the next day, you’re both in completely different phases of life and feel like two ships passing in the night. Romantic breakups get all the attention, all the love songs, and all the tear-jerker movies. But breaking up with a friend can really, really, really cut deep.

Sometimes, on the other hand, it can feel more like “good riddance.” Some friends break up for the pettiest reasons, some break up for some really messed up reasons.

Let’s dive into why these moms are confessing all about their friend breakups!

I don't want to be best friends with my best friend anymore. In fact I'm pretty sure if I never saw her again that be completely fine with me. I've really lost respect for her for some of the things she's done over the last year.

Confessional #25834707

We have a former friend who who was extremely demanding and obnoxious.  Today today, she'd today be called a Karen.  Back then, we just called her "The Bitch"

Confessional #25828049

Dear former friend, Just because you finalized your divorce does NOT mean you can reach out to MY DH for “advice/friendship. I see right thru your BS. We may have our struggles right now, but he’s still MINE.”

Confessional #24411941

Dear former friend: fuck you for stabbing me in the back. I trusted you and you used me. Now you throw me under the bus at work?! Nope. You just made yourself look bad. You lied and now you got caught. Thats what you get.

Confessional #22872023

Maybe you’ve known your ex-friend since elementary school. Maybe you met in college. Maybe they’re a neighbor or a co-worker. Either way, people break off friendships all the time—sometimes for petty reasons, sometimes for really f*cked up reasons.

Former friend claims she worked hard for everything. Was that before or after her parents paid for her education, her huge wedding, and provided free child care? Such fucking privilege, and she doesn’t even recognize it.

Confessional #21960032

A former friend was so smug and superior about her great marriage, how much money her H made, and how she never had to work. Yep, I chuckled when I heard he cheated and left her.

Confessional #20651033

Former friend is getting a divorce after her long rants about how she had her husband wrapped around her finger. She’s a nasty bitch who deserves it. Done blame the husband one bit. I like his new girlfriend, too.

Confessional #17754374

I left nasty, anonymous comments on a former friends' blog. Part of me feels a bit cowardly and slimy, but another part of me is glad I unburdened myself. Trust me, she more than deserved it.

Confessional #17535845

A lot of moms in the Confessional are calling out their former friends for pretending like their lives were perfect for social media, but behind the scenes, things were a totally different story.

A former friend pisses me off. She used to be snarky about people going on vacation (since she could not afford them), and she shamed them for not dieting. Now she is on vacation and overweight. Wonder if she recognizes her hypocrisy.

Confessional #16878484

Former friend moved to a super-conservative area in the South. her kids hate it and have already been bullied. But, the power of Jesus is strong there, I guess...

Confessional #16649403

A former friend used to brag about her great marriage, how much money her husband made, and how she'd never go on disability. Now, she's getting divorced, the STBX is saying horrible shit about her (all true), and she's applying for disability. KARMA!

Confessional #15597799

My immature, self-absorbed, shit stirring friend cut me out of her life because I wasn't "being supportive" enough. It hurt at first real bad but now I have time to focus on the real grown-ups in my life. Thanks former friend!!!

Confessional #13419124

Do you have a friend in your life that you wish you could cut ties with? Or maybe you have a friend who ghosted you? Once we get to a certain age or phase in life, it’s normal for friendships to change and grow. But sometimes growing can only happen without one another.

Especially if that friend is trying to put the moves on your husband, like some of these confessions imply!

I just hired a private investigator to follow my former friend, which is also my DH's former affair. I am just lending Karma a helping hand with this piece of shit. You're welcome.

Confessional #1711241

I heard some former friends aren't doing well, I feel bad because it makes me feel so good.

Confessional #1698746

Snooped through DH phone and saw a former friend of mine has texted him a few times. Nothing inappropriate but it makes me want to cut a bitch.

Confessional #1680685

I have a former friend whose life is now a mess. I keep her a Facebook friend bc I can't stop watching the train wreck but the stupid, ignorant things she posts infuriate me. I don't know why I can't just unfriend her.

Confessional #1636608

Do you have a former friend you keep tabs on via Facebook? Personally, I’ve lost a couple of friends/acquaintances this past year (who hasn’t?) and, of course, they’re still friends with my husband on Facebook. They just can’t quit me entirely, I guess! Enjoy the show, I say.

I hope all my former friends get pregnant and all of their friends treat them like a contagious disease and abandon them too.

Confessional #1589831

Found out recently DH has had a 3 yr affair with a former friend of mine. No words can describe the heartache I feel. People are cruel. I don't know how to move on or let go. Feeling so broken.

Confessional #1587820

Found out two weeks ago that DH has been having a three year affair with a former friend. Can't understand how someone vows to love, honor and cherish you and the destroys you.

Confessional #1579917

I found naked pictures of a former friend on the internet and it was the best part of my week. She looks like shit.

Confessional #1312527

There’s a saying that applies to a lot of these former friends mentioned here…hmm, how does it go again? Oh, right. “Jealousy is a disease! Get well soon.”