You Can Now Buy A 'Friends' Themed Monopoly Edition

by Julie Scagell

“Friends” Monopoly is here and you can play as one of the main character’s game pieces like Joey’s pizza.

If you’re still reeling from the news of the official Friends reunion special and need a way to pass the time until it’s available on HBO Max, we might have an answer. Amazon is finally delivering a Friends-themed Monopoly game to the U.S., and no, we couldn’t BE any more excited.

If you live in the U.K., this may seem like old news since you’ve been able to get your hands on this beauty since 2018. But now, the game is available in America, so dust off your apothecary tables and get ready for some fun.


“Advance to Ross’ Teeth, All the Thanksgivings, Phoebe Gets Married — will you owe rent or reap the rewards?” the game description reads. “Invest in Central Perk sofas and coffee mugs and trade your way to success.” Please oh please let me land on Ross’ Teeth. You can literally see them from a mile away.

The Monopoly Friends Edition differs from the original Monopoly because players aren’t just buying and selling properties and putting up expensive hotels, they’re also buying moments from the series. For instance, if you land on the “Monica Gets a Roommate” square, you can decide if you want to buy the moment or not. Also, there’s no “Income Tax,” which is a bonus but if you land on the “Central Perk Tab,” well, you’re gonna have to shell out money to pay it off.


But, it’s the game pieces that really steal the show. Players can be Monica’s chef hat, Ross’ dinosaur, Chandler’s sweater vest, Rachel’s handbag, Phoebe’s guitar, or Joey’s pizza. I feel like Ross’ piece should’ve been a couch and Smelly Cat deserved a litter box of some sort, but that’s just me.

The Central Perk square is the equivalent of “Passing Go,” in the original version and the original game’s “Jail” has been turned into Ross and Rachel’s relationship jail, which is particularly hilarious. The board game also shows actual photos from the series in case you’ve not seen every episode 50 times like some of us.


The good news is that we can binge Friends in both game and TV form beginning in May when all episodes will be available on HBO Max. The bad news is that HBO Max is yet another subscription service we’re going to have to spend money on but the show is worth it. It’s a cult classic and reruns allow a whole new generation to become as obsessed as we are.

You can purchase The Monopoly Friends Edition for $24.99, so pivot on over to Amazon and get yours now.