From The Confessional: We're Having Some Amazing Sex Dreams And We're Not Sad About It

by Team Scary Mommy

Is there anything better than a good, hot sex dream? The kind that makes you feel completely desirable and totally uninhibited and maybe (usually) involves Jason Momoa? (Oops, did I say that out loud?)

But sex dreams don’t always make sense, as we know. Sometimes it’s not just one sweaty partner pushing us up against the wall. Instead, it’s like 2 or 3 people, and you’re in your kids’ playroom. And that’s creepy. Or sometimes it’s a hot celeb like Jon Snow, but once in a while you wake up realizing you got turned on by Kristoff from Frozen and you can barely look at yourself in the mirror.

Listen, they don’t need to make sense. And yes, they’re often about someone other than your partner. That doesn’t make you a bad person—your SO is probably having weird-ass dreams about Anna and Elsa, so don’t worry about it. Sex dreams are normal, even if they’re a little odd, so just enjoy the good ones, and have a laugh if you dreamt about being “interrogated” (naked) by Elliot Stabler and then Caillou walked in asking for a cookie.

It’s fine. It’s all fine.

I was livid that my son woke me from my nap. I was in the middle of a Jason Momoa sex dream.

Confessional #25829212

I had an amazing sex dream with Rob Lowe in the White House last night...mama Mia if only my husband was like him

Confessional #25817540

I had a graphic sex dream about Chris Cuomo. I think....I’ve been watching too much news.

Confessional #25778155

Apparently I want to have sex with John Mulaney according to my insane sex dream I had about him last night. I woke up b.c I had such a strong O.

Confessional #25770709

Celeb sex dreams are the best, right? How about sex with Rob Lowe in the White House and then Chris Cuomo reports on how good it was? Hmmmm…

I had a steamy sex dream about the guys from The Wiggles. Tell me I'm not the only one!

Confessional #25747892

Had a sex dream about Dr. Nassif from the show Botched. wtf is wrong with me

Confessional #25785662

I had a really intense sex dream about Will Ferrell this morning- so intense it woke me up. I guess I think he is really hung!

Confessional #25759356

Had sex dreams about Dracula from that cheesy Netflix series and Baelish from GOT both in one night and it was incredibly hot. I'm going to hell.

Confessional #25772741

And then other celeb dreams… well, they’re a little different. We are moms, after all, and all of our thoughts—the sex needs ones and the “Did I make the pediatrician appointment?” ones—are all jumbled up together in one brain that never rests. So yeah, sometimes we have sex dreams about the Wiggles. Whatever.

I had a lesbian sex dream that seemed so real. I woke up in a good mood 🙂 maybe it’s time to act on my Needs and wants for once.

Confessional #25814930

I’m closet bisexual. My bf has no clue and thinks my attraction to women is innocent. Little does he know I have been having sex dreams about a woman I know and would fuck her brains out if I could

Confessional #25770248

Had a sex dream about a girlfriend. I'm not interested in real life, but the dream was hot!

Confessional #25762828

Had a sex dream last night it was a threesome but there was not 1 man in it. I am straight but God did I wake up so horny.

Confessional #25756374

Then there’s the unexpected steamy lesbian dream, even though you might be straight AF. But you know what? Women are hot, so have it, subconscious.

I am attracted to my coworker. I go to bed hoping to see him in my dreams. Sometimes he is holding my hand leading me down a path somewhere. Other times they are hot as f*** sex dreams. #sexlessmarriage

Confessional #25796086

I keep having weird sex dreams about a male coworker of mine... I'm not even attracted to him. It makes it so awkward. I think it's because I'm really dissatisfied with my (good) H, and desperate to fuck literally anyone else. I'm horrible...

Confessional #25776402

I had an intense sex dream about a coworker and now I can't look at him. I don't even find him attractive at all. I'm just horny. Long distance relationships suck.

Confessional #25760608

I had a sex dream starring one of the managers at work. The downfall, he’s married and now when I see him I think about how hot that dream was.

Confessional #25457777

We’re with our coworkers a lot, and the work day can really drone on, so it’s not surprising if our minds wander mid-day… or mid-night. If you find yourself suddenly looking at Dan from payroll in a whole new way and wanting to rip those khakis right off him, we see you. And we’re not judging.

Had a sex dream about BIL (DH's younger bro), not even remotely attracted to him. WTF?

Confessional #25770377

I always have super vivid sex dreams about my BIL (H's brother) during the week I'm fertile, every single month for 15 years. No one else, just him. Kinda want to bang him and get it out of my system already. I won't, but it's sure tempting.

Confessional #25801525

My ex from 20 years ago moved to my very small town and I'm his 8 yr old kid's teacher. I've had sex dreams about him - that's all we did really and he's still hot. I love my DH, but the path not taken is in my face every day. His kid tells me a lot.

Confessional #24199316

Haven't had any interest in sex for awhile. Attributed it to stress, being tired, depressed, hormones. etc. Had 2 very vivid, hot sex dreams last night, one with a man & another with a woman. Turns out I still do crave sex, just not with DH.

Confessional #23695593

I have sex dreams about my ex boyfriend who I haven't seen in 15 years. I'm married with 3 children.

Confessional #25829077

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) our sex dreams often provide a release we aren’t getting from our significant others. That can remind us to recharge our relationship and try to spark life back into it, or it can make us sad and finally accept that the passion is gone. Whether it’s an ex, or an in-law, a sex dream about someone other than your partner isn’t the end of the world. If it’s the only sexual passion in your life and you’re in a committed relationship… then, maybe dig a little deeper into that one.

Sex dreams are usually a good thing, even if they make us blush or feel embarrassed—a threesome with the parents from Doc McStuffins? Really? Okay, whatever. But honestly, feeling our bodies charged up like that means we’re alive, and we’re hot, sexual beings, so dream away, friends. Dream away.