From The Confessional: Election Stress Is Clearly Consuming Us

by Team Scary Mommy
Young woman lying down on a sofa, feeling depressed and changing channels on a TV remote.

Well, America, it arrived—that fateful day we’ve been waiting for. We held our breath, cast our votes, held hands, and hoped for the best. We prayed this country would vote to restore human decency and respect for the office of the presidency. That fewer racists would vote and more who believe in equality would. That we’d replace this narcissistic unhinged failure of a human with someone who listens to science and will actually propel us forward on the fight against COVID-19.

But, as expected, it’s not a simple process. Or, because Trump is involved, a process without insults and lies hurled at his opponent via Twitter and a laundry list of new lawsuits filed because, of course, anytime he loses it’s “unfair” or “rigged.”

So all the election anxiety we’ve had building up in our minds, anxiety that has tightened our shoulders and caused us headaches and sleepless nights, well, it’s not done wreaking havoc on us. Because Donald Trump is — shockingly — not done wreaking havoc on this nation.

So, still, we wait. We wait for the final results. We wait to see what Trump will do. We wait to see what other damage he can cause to divide us, to spread hate, to incite violence, to do irreparable to a country he swore he’d serve with honor, but instead he used and abused like we are one giant reality TV show serving as his entertainment.

I’m staying up watching the election because 4 years ago I went to bed thinking Hillary won and woke up with very different news.

Confessional #25804152

I'm scared to watch the election results tonight.

Confessional #25804057

this election has me so on edge i feel frozen. need to start taking care of myself again.

Confessional #25802282

We remember the horror as the numbers rolled in that disastrous night in 2016. And because of that, we’re been terrified these past few weeks, even as poll numbers looked promising. Even as early voting numbers broke records. We know what it feels like to have the rug pulled out from under us, and we don’t want to feel that way again.

This election and pandemic is killing my soul.

Confessional #25800148

The pandemic, election, getting dark at 6 pm, have my depression and anxiety in overdrive. I'm not sure I'm going to survive the winter, or even if I want to

Confessional #25799712

I’m so tired of being sad all the time. I want the pandemic and the election to be over.

Confessional #25794530

The stress of this election has affected our mental and physical health and overall well-being. We need to do some serious self-care and start taking care of ourselves when the dust settles.

Looking forward to the election being over, but still not hopeful about any days after that, either.

Confessional #25803980

So much anxiety for next week. I'm so ready for the election to be over, but I'm really worried about the aftermath no matter who wins.

Confessional #25803615

i am staying in today. laid in months worth of supplies over the past several months. hope i won't need to rely on them, but i am prepared by adding just a little extra at a time. feeling more secure, but still anxious of this election. hope no violence.

Confessional #25804031

But even if Trump officially loses this election, can we relax? Can we really take a nice, big, deep breath? Or will he incite violence and drum up endless lawsuits and drag out this process and chain himself to his desk in the Oval Office, refusing to go? Anything is possible with this maniac.

From November 3rd to January 20th, I wish I could go away. My anxiety is beyond maxed out of control because of this election. How did we get here?

Confessional #25803974

Let's get this election and covid shit over with so I can go back to my normal life! Actually, scratch that, I want to stay home as much as I do now, without threat of death by lung fluid or death by civil war. So, basically, I'm a hermit now.

Confessional #25803950

Put DS to bed early. Drinking wine on couch w bf watching election results come in. I feel like I'll remember this night the rest of my life... Good or bad results. I'll remember the good.

Confessional #25804129

Some of us want to close our eyes and wake up in a few months when it’s over. Others are glued to seven different news outlets, watching history unfold. No matter what, it’s consuming American right now, and we’re all feeling anxious AF.

mil is dying, but she has put all choices/pressure on her son, my dh. he has become a hateful jerk between her needs and the election season. he supports trump and is angry that i voted biden. not sure if marriage will survive. i was a fool to marry him.

Confessional #25803253

hubs sighing and barely speaking to me all over the election.

Confessional #25803220

Just because I didn't fill out my ballot the second I got it, like he did, DH is calling me a Communist. I hate this election and I hate politics.

Confessional #25800476

This election is ruining my marriage. We dont see eye to eye on this and its causing so much stress. Dh worships the ground DT walks on and i dont understand why. It makes me sick. We have daughters. Im scared for their future.

Confessional #25800091

I realized how few “true friends I had when I struggled to find more than a few people to reach out to once I realized the fucking election was so close.”

Confessional #25804168

Unfortunately, the 2020 election has torn families apart. It has divided spouses and broken up friendships, and for some, there’s little hope for reconciliation. We will all have healing to do once this is over. Bridges will need rebuilding, amends will need to be made, steps will need to be taken to repair the damage this administration has done.

It’s been a very long time since our country was this divided, and we’ve got a shit-ton of work to do. Hopefully step 1 will be a formal removal of an orange monster, to be replaced by a leader of civility who has an actual real, beating heart. Hopefully we’ll start there.

Maybe then, once he’s gone, (and Twitter somehow permanently blocks him forever and ever amen), we can finally breathe and feel some of our election anxiety wash away.