From The Confessional: Forget Wine––Moms Like Weed Now

by Team Scary Mommy
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Some Moms Drink Wine -- I Get High
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Parenting is grueling (not a newsflash). Working parents are exhausted and stretched too thin. Stay-at-home parents are desperate for adult interaction and some semblance of their former selves. Then, in 2020, a pandemic and never-ending quarantine got dumped on us, making managing life damn-near impossible. Between forced homeschooling, worrying about COVID-19, watching the economy collapse, and stressing about the election, anxiety is at an all-time high.

We know that moms like a glass (or a few) of wine to help them relax and wash away the day’s stresses of wiping butts, picking up dirty socks on the stairs, trying to re-learn long division, paying the bills, and remembering to get our oil changed. But not all of us turn to the special grape-juice. Some moms enjoy an edible or two instead to help them chill out, and to that we say “You do you, Mom.”

We all deserve a little me-time—a break from the never-ending cycle of suckage that is 2020. And there are lots of ways to get that “break.” No judgment from us!

Edibles always help a lot with my anxiety and bad mood. I just wish I would actually take them when I'm stressed and bitchy instead of wallowing in it for days first.

Confessional #25794911

I'm gonna need a lot of edibles to deal with the mood I'm in.

Confessional #25752683

Just ate an edible, and it can’t work fast enough. So exhausted by the constant anxiety.

Confessional #25784452

Anxiety can be crippling and truly suck the life out of us. If an edible helps rest your mind a bit, go for it.

I’ve used edibles almost every day all summer.

Confessional #25794868

Eating edibles like the world is ending

Confessional #25778724

I've been doing a lot of reading, writing and coloring to keep myself calm and steady during this pandemic. I'm ready to try edibles.

Confessional #25775314

2020 has been rough on the psyche. Will I get COVID? Will my spouse? Kids? Parents? When will this all be over? Is school safe? Is my job safe?… etc. forever. So yeah, pop an edible if you need to and forget about this pandemic for a second.

I stocked up on weed edibles to live out this quarantine and get the best possible outcome. I have been "microdosing" so I don't get stoned, just so I chill the fuck out. Thank God for marijuana. Married mom of 3 here.

Confessional #25773334

Covid quarantine started off today with a joint, an edible & 2 cups of coffee. I’m going to roll through this day & not give one fuck.

Confessional #25773015

Went out and bought emergency vapes and edibles even though I rarely smoke. I feel better about the quarantine now.

Confessional #25772823

At the start of quarantine, lots of parents ran out to stock up on wine, beer, snacks, and, you guessed it—various forms of cannabis. Thank goodness they did, because this shit sucks.

I’ve started having an edible with my coffee every morning. I have to say I’m a much better mom and so much more productive

Confessional #25787165

Woke up & ate two edibles. Today was a good day.

Confessional #25762677

Some moms start their day with coffee. Others with an edible. Some with both coffee and an edible. Whatever gets you going, Mama.

My kids and H are in bed. My house is clean. I’m getting super high and watching Stabs By and. I might have and edible and a bottle of wine. I’m excited

Confessional #25776609

Googling "fun things to do when high". Got two out of state (legal state) friends to send edibles. I need this to run this house and work and take care of my kid and deal with spouse. I need this.

Confessional #25774478

The only thing that really helps during this break is a little nibble on edibles and a few moments without family to think about what i really want in my life. It's not what I had before covid, I know that now.

Confessional #25774869

We all need to have a little fun and get a break from parenting. A good high is often the best thing for a stressed-out parent who desperately needs forget their problems for a hot minute.

Work with assholes who kiss ass to keep meaningless jobs. I’m chewing on an edible and planning my departure.

Confessional #25753661

I took an edible at 6. Now singing Whitney Houston songs at top of my lungs while I do dishes. Not sorry kids.

Confessional #25767679

Last night I took an edible to help me sleep. today’s faculty meeting we had info session about students taking edibles. Teacher next to me smokes pot. Another teacher is the one who sells me my edibles. Haha. Want to know why we are on pot? The parents.

Confessional #25768227

All of us have work bullshit and parenting bullshit to deal with. Even teachers. (Especially teachers.) So yeah, whether it’s that asshole boss Carl or asshole parents who think their little Johnny can do no wrong, we’ve all had bad days at work and/or home. And oftentimes a good edible or two can wash it all away.

I just ate an edible before going to church.

Confessional #25752236

You’re not the only one, MaryAnn. We promise.

Listen. This year is one for the books. Like seriously, our grandkids will learn about this disastrous year in history class. We’ll come out on the other side though, a little more weathered than usual. We might feel like we just aged a decade. But we’ll endure. In the meantime, we have to cope however we can. Some moms like wine. Some like yoga. Some like to get lost in a book. And some like to pop an edible. These are all forms of self-care as we trudge through the muck of parenting, working, homeschooling, living with a maniacal toddler president, and trying to avoid a highly contagious virus that’s ravaging the world.

All we ask is that if you really do know a good brownie source, share with your friends, mkay?

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