From The Confessional: I Can't Stop Fantasizing About My Boss

by Cassandra Stone

The workplace fantasy is a tale as old as time, and these moms can’t stop, won’t stop fantasizing about their bosses

Some people can’t stand their boss. And others…well, others seem to be big fans of the boss fantasy. Maybe it’s something about the power struggle that turns them on, maybe they’ve read one too many workplace romances. Maybe they just have a really sexy, really nice, really good boss (hey, you never know) and that’s why the boss fantasy is just so delectable to them.

A 2017 study of 3,000 women from the U.S. and U.K. questioned them about all things related to sex, particularly who (and where) they fantasize about doing it. Interestingly, 71.3 percent of women reported having thought about putting some after-hours “work” with their boss.

Whatever the reason for their boss fantasies, these moms are spilling all the tea about their wildest boss fantasies.

Haven’t had sex in over a year. Having dreams about my boss makes it super awkward at work.

Confessional #25844831

I am attracted to my boss.

Confessional #25844829

My boss & I have this incredibly strong draw to one another….& tonight we made out in his office. It felt sooo amazing and yet we know it’s technically cheating.

Confessional #25842260

I let my married boss feel me up. I really don’t feel bad.

Confessional #25840921

The whole “sexy boss” thing typically lives in novels like Fifty Shades of Grey, not in real life. Or so we thought, until we read some of these confessions.

(Meanwhile, all the male bosses I ever had were as incompetent as they were unattractive. Damn.)

I am married to a man who I love. We have 2 beautiful kids and a great life. But for the last 3 years I have fantasized about my boss, who is 15 yrs older and also married. I would never make an advance, but if he did, I don’t think I would refuse.

Confessional #25838090

I can’t stop fantasizing about sleeping with my boss. We are both happily married but I have such a crush on him. Hope it passes soon!

Confessional #25837234

Crushing AGAIN. On H's boss. This is DANGEROUS, fuck all. H is supportive, responsible, helpful, a great dad and serious adult. What kind of stupid wanton fuckface am I?????

Confessional #25830891

Quick, someone make a “Stupid Wanton F*ckface” t-shirt and sell it on Etsy. I would buy that sh*t up in a heartbeat.

I play with my pussy before I have a zoom call with my boss.

Confessional #25830404

I had sex with my boss - again! We are both married, and this is torture. I am so fucked.

Confessional #25826195

I actually DID offer my boss a blow job to keep from getting fired years ago. He turned me down, informed HR, and had me immediately escorted off company property.

Confessional #25819914

I work for my boss for years...meh..nice guy..whatevs...he grows a beard and

Confessional #25818391

While two consenting adults engaging in whatever adult activity they want to is their business, it’s still worth remembering that the power dynamics aren’t equal when you’re messing around with your boss.

Fantasies, however, are an imagination free-for-all. Have at it.

I'm in love with my boss. He's happily married with 3 kids and I would never jeopardize that. But he is the most amazing man I've ever met.

Confessional #25815870

Many years before he was my boss, we dated. We are both happily married to others now. It’s recently come to light to coworkers that we dated and now I’m getting treated like a skank even tho it was a relationship and was 25 years ago. Ready 2 quit

Confessional #25814925

I just realized I may be low-key in love with my boss.

Confessional #25814688

Had a dream about an old boss from many years back. Dreamed we made out in a pool. I haven’t been this turned on in months. Was disappointed to wake up.

Confessional #25809074

Have you ever gotten hot and bothered by your boss? It sure seems like it’s a common theme among many women!