From The Confessional: I Hate Being On Birth Control

by Cassandra Stone
Patcharin Simalhek/EyeEm/Getty

Birth control is not for the weak, that’s for sure. Moms are sounding off in this week’s Confessions about how much it can suck.

Because we live in eternal patriarchy, birth control for non-penis-havers is a complicated process. There are a variety of options, and none of them come free of side effects. And it seems like the older we all get, the harder it is to find suitable birth control options.

That’s why this week’s Confessions post is dedicated to all the moms out there who are on birth control and absolutely hate it—you deserve a space to be seen, and a space to bitch and moan about birth control. Full stop.

For the first time in our marriage I can feel sex. I had no idea what hormonal birth control was doing to me. I never even used to feel the nipple play until last night

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This is fun. Day 19 of bleeding after starting birth control to stop PMS sxs & stop periods.

Confessional #25829746

Started birth control to stop PMS symptoms & periods. Have been bleeding since April 7th.

Confessional #25828829

Started taking birth control to manage PMS sxs and have been bleeding for longer than past periods. WTF?!

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The erratic period cycles that can come with birth control are a BITCH. They’re unpredictable, sometimes they’re early AF, sometimes they’re late, and sometimes they don’t come at all. Pass. Do better, science.

I forgot to get back on my birth control and lost 5 pounds! Sorry hubby... this is way better than sex.

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My sex drive is gone... hoping it’s just my birth control and once I am off it things will be better. Two under 4; I’d rather have sleep than sex.

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sick of birth control pill prescription being held hostage forcing a yearly pelvic exam here in the u.s. why are they not over the counter yet? I still have to go for yearly pap smear when science says 2-4 yrs. talk about wasted medical dollars.

Confessional #25271043

Birth control gives me horrible side effects so I can’t take them. Tried the iud and it tore through my uterus, I had to be upside down spread eagled while they fished around for it thru my vagina for 5 hours, My H hates condoms so I’m always stressed

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Hormonal birth control can really wreak havoc on your body. People with PCOS and endometriosis especially have a rough time with hormonal birth control. One alternative to that is a copper IUD, which is great, but also—the IUD insertion process can be downright AWFUL.

I got an IUD 4 months ago. I have have my period for 4 months now.

Confessional #23312667

i regret getting the mirena iud. it’s completely changed my body & the hormones make me insane. i’ve gained 55 pounds. i have pcos now. the iud is stuck in my uterine wall & i need surgery. can’t afford it. i’m a prisoner in my own body now.

Confessional #20598898

Got the IUD and my cramps have never been worse. I literally might pull it out myself tonight, Idk if I can stomach the adjustment period. It's been a full month and I haven't even used it for thr "fun part"

Confessional #19674130

Took the iud out a month ago and lost 10 lbs and skin is clearing up. Maybe sticking a foreign object up ones hoohaa really does have adverse effects. But so does pregnancy.

Confessional #17865107

Long-term birth control is invasive and expensive, and birth control pills aren’t available over the counter. Sure, there are other options that aren’t hormonal or super invasive (the patch, diaphragms, spermicide, and natural family planning). But it also shouldn’t be so difficult on our bodies when we want a more effective and reliable method of birth control.

Thankfully, the pill is safe for women over 35 (it didn’t used to be, as older birth control pills were made with a lot of estrogen which could increase the risk of blood clots). But it’s still a PITA.

If you’re on birth control and you resent it sometimes (or all the time), you’re not alone. Your feelings are valid and you’re welcome to vent in our Confessional anytime!