From The Confessional: People Are Seriously Fascinated By Pimple-Popping And Why Are We Like This?

by Karen Johnson
Pornpak Khunatorn/Getty

Okay so this is where confession time gets real, folks. Because as it turns out, we’re a pretty strange species, and we like gross shit. So yes, there’s a reason Dr. Pimple Popper is so, well, “pop”-ular (sorry, couldn’t resist). It’s a weird and frankly disgusting obsession people have with watching those suckers explode, but it’s an obsession nonetheless. People are fascinated with popping pimples, popping other people’s pimples, and watching other people get theirs popped too. But despite being captivated, they’re also disturbed at themselves—like why is this so satisfying to watch?! Why am I like this? And yet, once you see it, you can’t turn away.

So here are some confessions from Scary Mommy followers who, whether they are proud of it or hide their faces in shame, are oddly obsessed with pimples. And they’re not alone. People love the popping! No one really knows why.

I love popping pimples on my honey's back!

Confessional #25791772

I love popping my husband's back pimples. It's so satisfying. I hate scratching his back though, the thought of all the dead skin under my fingernails disgusts me.

Confessional #8975473

DS5 got an infection on his toe and I had to poke it and squeeze the puss out of it tonight. He was wailing and bawling obviously, and I felt bad for him but it was also satisfying. I felt like doctor pimple popper!

Confessional #5853320

I popped a pimple on ds4's nose today. It was oddly satisfying.

Confessional #1774274

There’s that strangely satisfying feeling you get when you pop someone else’s pimple. Gross? Yes. Kind of enjoyable? Also yes, apparently.

I love popping pimples and black heads

Confessional #25783993

There is little in this life more satisfying than finally popping a pimple that has been lingering on you and being a nuisance. Finally!!!

Confessional #25775872

I really like popping the pimples i find on my butt.

Confessional #15648726

I get pimples on my boobs. Wtf. And the worst part is I love popping them.

Confessional #3760768

And then there’s the… satisfaction? relief? joy? you get when you pop your own. Even (or especially) if they’re in weird places like your boobs or butt.

I wish there was a service that matched up people who like to pop pimples with those in need of pimple-popping. I am so broke out on my back but don't have the money for a dermatologist. Just need someone to pop the big ones and clean everything up.

Confessional #25783954

I just had my five-year-old pop a pimple in my ear. How's your day going?

Confessional #25780417

Thought I had genital warts but my GYN said they're just pimples and popped them for me. Not all angels have wings.

Confessional #25766910

I used my clit-sucker sex toy on the horrible pimples that WILL NOT pop or go away. TOTALLY WORKED. 10/10, will do again!

Confessional #18167413

And then sometimes we need someone (or something) to come care for our “situation”… thanks OBGYN! And thanks, clit-sucker!

I secretly want to star in one of those gross pimple/earwax/ingrown hair/bug up the nose videos. Just. Can’t. Stop. Watching. So satisfying.

Confessional #12996430

I'm hooked on pimple popping videos. Im both glad that i don't have and am jealous of the horrible acne the people in those videos have.

Confessional #25750508

I am addicted to gross YouTube videos, like pimple popping and ear wax removal. It gives me the heebie-jeebies and a little rush at the same time.

Confessional #1772719

I don't know why I can't stop watching dr. Pimple popper. I find it so disgusting. It might be how happy her patients are after the procedures.

Confessional #23505189

Why are we addicted to shit that grosses us out? It doesn’t make sense, but it’s definitely a real phenomenon.

So yeah, if you’re obsessed with popping pimples—especially if they’re not yours—or you cringe and feel like you’re going to vomit watching Dr. Pimple Popper but you can’t turn away, yeah, that’s weird and gross. But it’s also totally normal because there are like millions of people just like you who find it bizarrely satisfying too.

Not sure Dr. Pimple Popper dreamed of squeezing nasty shit out of people on TV for a career, and not sure we ever imagined ourselves spending our free time watching said shit get squeezed out of strangers’ skin, yet here we are. We’re all gross and weird, apparently, so if we’re looking for some common ground in this tumultuous time of national division and discord, at least we have that. Pimple popping is the thing to bring us back together.

Well done, America. We’d expect nothing less of you.