From The Confessional: Stop Vacationing During a Pandemic, A**holes

by Team Scary Mommy

We all know it’s not good for our mental health to compare our lives to others. To allow bitterness and resentment and jealousy to set up permanent residence inside our hearts, corroding us from the inside. We’ve got to let that shit go—right? But what about during a fucking pandemic when it’s imperative to the well-being of the world that we all make sacrifices? That we all wear masks, social distance, stay home, and cancel plans—even if those plans include dream vacations? And yet, we see countless others refusing to do just that?

Can we successfully fight off the negativity when we’ve ripped our kids from their friends and from school and canceled their birthday parties and trips to Disney while Stephanie down the street is hosting a 25-person Thanksgiving bash and jetting off to the Caribbean the following day?

How are we supposed to not feel anger and resentment? How are we supposed to not feel jealous—like how come she doesn’t have give shit up? WTF?

If you’re in the Bitter Boat this year, we get it. It’s frustrating AF to watch this nation flatly refuse to get their shit together and do their part so that we all can return to our normal lives. Hopefully enough of us will do the right thing so that some day COVID will be gone and those of us who put life on pause for the greater good will get to take our trips, see our distant relatives, and get away for a girls’ weekend.

Until then, we need to stay strong and committed to making smart, safe, unselfish choices while we ride out this pandemic.

Even if your asshole neighbor down the street won’t.

I want to scream at all the family and friends posting photos of their date nights and restaurant dinners and vacations. YOU are the reason this pandemic is still here. YOU are the reason we're going into another lockdown. Selfish jerks.

Confessional #25805728

No gf, I don't want to hear about your fucking vacations. I had to quit my job so I can "all of a sudden" homeschool my kids. Fuck off!

Confessional #25803807

So tired of the people bitching about Big 10 football being canceled because it's the very same people who won't wear masks and go on vacations and fun outings. YOU are the reason assholes. Stay the fuck home.

Confessional #25792356

I feel awful for the people who live and work tourist states. I'm from Ohio and the amount of people I see headed to NC, SC, and FL just pisses me off. They care more about their right to a damn vacation than about the health of others.

Confessional #25787659

The truth is, those of who can’t bear to simply watch football at home and insist on getting together with 20 friends every Sunday, and those of you who feel that your vacation trumps everyone else’s health, well, frankly, you’re the jerks who are keeping this nightmare going. So thanks for nothing. Hope the frozen margaritas on the beach and beer/cheese dips were worth it.

Feeling a bit jealous of divorcing SIL b/c people are throwing money and help at her, even a European vacations and a private tutor for her kids. DH and I are struggling with money, teaching the kids, and finding time for each other.

Confessional #25801524

It kinda makes me mad and jealous when I see that people are “vacationing during a deadly pandemic.”

Confessional #25805645

I post about all the home repairs we're doing because we were responsible and didn't go on vacation this year and I'm jealous of the irresponsible people we know who did . . . but their houses look like shit and I want them to think about it.

Confessional #25792381

I’m sick and tired of seeing families on a beach, vacationing, or pretending like there’s no pandemic. I hate myself for feeling jealous because I can’t fathom taking those risks with my own family. I’m sick of not enjoying life.

Confessional #25791367

Another common emotion so many of us are feeling right now is flat jealousy. Why don’t other people have to sacrifice? Why do their kids still get to go to Disney? It’s not fair. And it sucks.

I want to go on vacation, so bad.

Confessional #25800771

I am sad because we finally have time and a little money and can't go on a nice vacation.

Confessional #25787182

I need a vacation AWAY from my kids. Far, far away.

Confessional #25786866

Because the truth is, we also need a damn vacation. Like more than ever. Even just a quiet hour, sitting alone, in a field somewhere, far, far away from our families. But we know we can’t because it’s not safe or smart, and we actually care about others.

I try to not be a covid shamer but it seems like every other person I know is going on vacation to Florida this summer, and I just don’t get it.

Confessional #25791973

So confused seeing friends on social media on vacation, the zoo, beach, parties. I thought we weren't supposed to do that? I feel like the only person who's afraid to contract COVID!

Confessional #25790481

Lost my job due to covid & having a hard time finding work, $$ is running out & dh treats me like crap. Every1 else is getting promotions, raises, buying new homes, going on vacations. I feel like giving up.

Confessional #25790002

We are confused and heartbroken as we see the social media posts of family and friends flying all over the country, hitting up tourist attractions, going out to fancy restaurants, and shopping at their favorite stores. It’s like they forget what 2020 is about.

My mom was making the biggest deal out of covid, saying she wouldn’t be able to see me for at least 2 years due to her fears of catching it. Then a week later, she tells me she is going on vacation with my sister. What?!?

Confessional #25797551

My parents traveled out of country in March, for vacation. They brought covid back to their small town in New Hampshire, where 4 people in their congregation died. Selfish fucking boomers.

Confessional #25787812

My dumbass MIL is going out to eat in restaurants unmasked and is also going to stay with us during vacation. I am HIGHLY annoyed.

Confessional #25787504

I was active and volunteered regularly at church before the shutdown. Not a single “friend has checked in with me since— except now someone texted and asked if I could watch her kids while she goes on an adult vacation. That’s a hell no from me.”

Confessional #25793611

And even worse is when it’s our actual family and close friends doing the vacationing this year. Seriously, Mom and Dad? You’re the at-risk group my kids are sacrificing for, missing out on play dates for, missing in-person school for, and yet you’re bragging about your vacay?!Listen, at the end of the day, it doesn’t do us any good to harbor resentment. Especially in a shitty year like this one, we need to carve out room in our hearts for as much joy and gratitude as possible. However, if you find yourself feeling a little pissy now and then and need to invest in a punching bag after scrolling IG on occasion, we understand that too. Just remember, when this is all over, you will be able to look your kids in the eye and say, “We did the right thing. We did our part. And I’m proud of us for that.”