From The Confessional: Why Are Men?

by Team Scary Mommy

Seriously, why are men? Why do we will still elect crotchety old-ass white men who probably can barely make a sandwich for themselves to make decisions for the rest of us? Men who are notoriously shitty at multi-tasking, who protect their fragile egos before anyone else, including those who voted for them, and who have spent their entire lives fighting with their fists and competing over who has the biggest dick?

They are lazy AF at home and they continue to get away with it because we are too damn tired to parent yet another human being. They are inherently misogynistic, whether they want to believe it or not. And they are very, very easily triggered—threatened even—by the slightest deviation from the “white men rule the world and everyone else is dumb and should obey” mindset this country was founded upon and continues to manifest.

We all see it, and we are fucking tired of it. Tired of doing 900 things for every one thing they do. And then watching the world fawn over what “amazing dads and husbands” they are. Tired of them getting promoted over us when we know (and the boss knows) we are better and smarter and more hard working. Tired of them getting elected over us because everyone’s afraid of women leaders which makes no goddamn sense since men fuck everything up all the damn time, so what are we holding onto here?

In short, we again ask, why are men?

The thing that pisses me off the most- men can take any job, with any shift, out of town or crazy hours, with ZERO regard for anyone else. They have no idea of the stress and worry that goes into juggling kids schedules/illnesses. Must be fucking nice.

Confessional #25850582

My DH and I have the same job. Indisputably I am better at it than him, but only his achievements ever get praised by our friends and family. It makes me so salty.

Confessional #25850173

I was thinking and felt really sad when I thought of how long it will take us to hold men accountable. This pandemic gave so many of us the insight into realizing we do everything and we are the glue that hold our families and the world together

Confessional #25849900

Women still get passed over for promotions, still have to fight for equal pay, and still struggle to be taken seriously at the workplace. Women—who keep a million balls in the air all day long, every day, and can run a home and a business with incredible efficiency, get the kids ready for school, themselves ready for work, and the dog fed and walked, all while their husbands looks for their keys.

H is worthless. BIL is also worthless. I didn’t sign on to take care of four kids and two adult men who never grew up. I’m gonna take MY kids and leave.

Confessional #25850572

I’m done. Y can’t daddy make lunch and/or dinner on the weekends for every 1 and not just himself?! How about u also take the kids to a single dr appt, even when they r on the wknd? Time management! I’m not going 2 b parenting 100% just bc you have class!

Confessional #25850178

When H sleeps in past 10 on weekends I want to punch him. I'm tired too, but I still get up by 7 because I'm an adult with 3 kids and a house to take care of. His entitlement to do whatever he wants is making me irate.

Confessional #25850177

Men are useless.

Confessional #25850561

They are the absolute worst at home too. Like no, you don’t get a parade or a “thank you” blow job for changing a damn diaper or cooking boxed mac and cheese on the stove, Rob. And next time you randomly nap on Saturday when the kids are running amok (the same kids I’ve been alone with all freaking week) I can’t promise you that your safety is guaranteed around here.

My SO always tells me I’m so good to him and he loves me so much. Literally 5 minutes later he will treat me like shit. It’s no wonder why most divorces are initiated by women.

Confessional #25849855

I’m down a Princess Diana rabbit hole…WHY do men treat women like Prince Charles did?! You can see it in these confessions, my own dad did it too…how did this behavior become ingrained and will it ever change? I understand Harry’s choice better now.

Confessional #25849825

Fuck you Mark and Tyler for tormenting and bullying me in high school. I’m grew up to be a beautiful writer, wife, mother and grandmother who sows good in the community. Hope you both are living in hell.

Confessional #25850247

We are sick of men treating us like shit and then society expecting us to just put up with it. Fuck that noise. Quit being a giant dickwad, Steve. How about that.

I hate how my alpha male H refers to men who are quiet & passive as "pussies". It makes him sound like an asshole

Confessional #25849804

H tries to shirk his support payments because his ex wife cheated & caused the divorce. Okay, but why punish your kid?

Confessional #25849968

People keep saying not all men are bad. I am 41 years old and know men off al ages and creeds. Never met one that isn't a misogynist deep down. Never

Confessional #25850150

They’re sexist, self-centered assholes. They take their anger and insecurities out on others (like women and children) and wonder why there’s a women’s revolution to change the world. We. Are. Tired. Of. Your. Bullshit.

Fuck all these men playing with viruses that are running rampant on humanity. I hope they all rot in hell!

Confessional #25849954

I feel like dick pics should have been the final clue that men don't need to be running a lemonade stand, much less the fucking world.

Confessional #25849738

Every tragedy in this world was caused by men. Not saying all men are bad but they are definitely the causes of all bad things that have happened.

Confessional #25850249

They suck at leading. They really do. They make a mess out of everything. They’re too stubborn and insecure to actually communicate and listen to others who might know more than they do. And if we look at world history, we can blame them for… well, pretty much all of it.

So we should just accept men being barely functional adults because "hello, have you met men??" Fuck off with thay lay down attitude. We should start demanding more of men and NOT just rolling over and accepting their bullshit because "boys will be boys"

Confessional #25849768

Now men are using the "equality" card to escape accountability for their horrific treatment of women. I think women need to start TELLING these assholes, fuck equal, WE ARE COMING FOR EVERY PRIVILEGE YOUVE ENJOYED since time began. #menarestilltrash

Confessional #25849733

At 44 I have no patience for men who are selfish in bed, and I hope the SMs here quit putting up with it too. If you wanna be all about you, go back to porn!

Confessional #25850509

Til a few yrs ago I used to put up with any kind of BS in bed. Not anymore, motherfucker, if you want your dick anywhere near me you better be making me feel amazing- EVERY time. Fuck all that social conditioning we got as women.

Confessional #25850095

We need to continue demanding better for ourselves. Better treatment in the workforce, better leadership opportunities, equal rights, equal pay, and frankly, better sex. We are done with the martyrdom game. We are done sacrificing ourselves so the men in our lives can have all the fucking glory.

This is our time, fellas, so step aside, and let the women go through.