These Are 80+ Fun Things To Do At Home If You're Bored And In Self-Quarantine

by Team Scary Mommy
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fun things to do at home

Quarantine is like the longest snow day ever but cabin fever is real. So if you or your kids are scaling the walls, it’s about time you have some fun. Restaurants, amusement parks, and concerts may be delayed, but you can still turn up at home. Look at quarantine as a time to reconnect with your family as you’ve never before.

Are you looking for something fun to do while you’re at home? Now that nearly half the planet is in self-quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are all looking for something to distract us from just watching the news 24/7. And whether you’re social distancing, more of a homebody, home-sitting for someone else, or just calling for a self-care day for yourself, you can get more out of the time spent at home by doing something engaging, fun, and satisfying. Read on for our list of fun game and activity ideas you can try next time you’re home alone.

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  1. Marie Kondo your sh*t
  2. Re-decorate a room
  3. Do a puzzle
  4. Netflix binge
  5. Learn about essential oils
  6. Give yourself a facial
  7. Bake something to share with your neighbors
  8. Work on a scrapbook
  9. Start a gratitude journal
  10. Sit outside
  11. Color-code your bookshelf
  12. Create a vision board
  13. Read a magazine
  14. Turn on the Lifetime channel
  1. Clean your car
  2. Write emails to distant family members
  3. Light your favorite candles
  4. Turn up some music and clean the floors
  5. Make popcorn and watch a movie
  6. Play with your dog
  7. Paint and sip
  8. Take a bubble bath
  9. Research some charities you align with
  10. Prank your friends
  11. Start an Instagram page for your pet
  12. Learn how to give a massage
  13. Make a Kentucky Derby hat from scratch
  14. Learn the art of sugaring hair removal
  15. Zap a pimple overnight
  16. Call a friend
  17. Read tarot cards
  18. Make origami
  19. Take a nap
  20. Write poetry or start your novel
  21. Make a home video
  22. Create something for you S.O.
  23. Sage your house
  24. Play video games
  25. Clean the refrigerator
  26. Redo the lighting in the room you spend the most time in
  27. Refresh yourself on astronomy
  28. Use your hand weights
  29. Make a terrarium
  30. Download an app you’ve been curious about
  31. Learn an instrument
  32. Create a new Pinterest board
  33. Turn up the music and dust your living space

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  1. Build a fort
  2. Delete apps you don’t use from your phone
  3. Talk to your plants
  4. Prep your meals for a week
  5. Light incense and meditate
  6. Turn the lights off and watch a scary movie
  7. Color-code your closet
  8. Plan a fun weekend
  9. Study a map
  10. Stretch
  11. Have a karaoke night
  12. Invent your own recipe
  13. Paint your nails
  14. Organize your vitamin cabinet
  15. Meditate
  16. Take some selfies
  17. Clean up your email inbox
  18. Sew something
  19. Collect items throughout your home to donate
  20. Practice singing
  21. Try yoga
  22. Make slime
  23. Create a new special space for the family pet
  24. Organize your bathroom cabinets
  25. Take an online class
  26. Watch (and try) YouTube tutorials
  27. Have a bonfire
  28. Make a seasonal wreath
  29. Dust off your outdoor space
  30. Cook something new
  31. Start a blog
  32. Hang up a piece of art
  33. Make a bucket list
  34. Exercise
  35. Eat cake batter
  36. Read a book
  37. Shop online
  38. Make soup
  39. Play board games
  40. Watch an entire season of a new show
  41. Play your favorite song on repeat until you know all of the words

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