Forget Winter -- 'Game Of Thrones' Oreos Are Coming

Image via TheJunkFoodAisle/Instagram

You should probably start making room in your pantry for these ‘Game of Thrones’ Oreos now

Are you sick of eating leg of lamb, heels of black bread, suckling pig, and pigeon pie? Well, don’t worry. Anyone weary of eating the traditional foods of Westeros will soon have an amazing respite: Game of Thrones Oreos. And they’re expected to hit shelves before the final season of the fantasy drama premieres on April 14 (and also before the White Walkers invade and turn us all into ice zombies).

The popular junk food Instagram accounts CandyHunting and TheJunkFoodAisle alerted the world that these amazing Oreos were on their way on Saturday, with Candy Hunting providing most all of the details that we know at this point:

“Game of Thrones Oreos! In a partnership nobody saw coming, new Game of Thrones Oreos will be out sometime before the debut of the final season on April 14,” the account writes. “I really want to see these built up in the opening sequence. Winterfell, King’s Landing, Oreo package, the Wall… Or maybe Daenerys munching on some Oreos while riding Drogon.”

They continue:

“And to preemptively answer some questions: Yes, these are legit. The image is from a very reputable source. No, these are just normal Oreos in a redesigned package. No, these are not exclusive to a particular store.”

And then yesterday, Nabisco itself verified the rumor with its own Instagram post in which the word Oreo (in the classic Game of Thrones font) transforms into the television series’ finale hashtag, #ForTheThrone.

If we’re to believe all of the rumors, what we know is that we will have these cookies in hand before April 14 (perfect for that first episode viewing party) and that they won’t be a special flavor or variety: they’ll be original Oreos – and if you’re upset with original Oreos, you can start walking North and just keep on going for all we care.

Maybe these will taste amazing when dipped in mead or Myrish wine? Or the Dothraki’s fermented horse milk? I guess we’ll have to find out.

This isn’t the first surprising cross-promotional partnership that Game of Thrones has struck this season. Just weeks ago, it teamed with Bud Light for one of the best Super Bowl commercials of the year.

GoT has also partnered with Major League Baseball (MLB) the past couple of years, offering park-goers things like Game of Thrones bobbleheads and costume contests.

Also, a quick reminder of what we’re in for on April 14. We will need the Oreos to stress-eat our way through the premiere if this chilling trailer is any indication of events to come.

And if you do want a new and exciting variety of Oreo, there are plenty of those coming out, too. Check out the Most Stuf Oreo that came out in January, if you dare, or the Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake Oreos, if you can find them.