The Gift Of Having A Sister

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having a sister
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My sisters and I scheduled our first weekend away together. There are seven kids between the three of us, and we booked it five months in advance. We desperately needed it. We talked all weekend long and were hoarse by Sunday afternoon. One thing we touched on was how hard we thought it would be to leave our kids. You know the feeling: You desperately want and need to get away, but there is still angst and you still miss your family.

But somehow this weekend was different. We were completely fine. We all decided it was because we were with our sisters, the ones who know us so well because we remember each other when we were 5, when we were 13, when we were 18. We held each other’s hands while walking downstairs on Christmas morning, whipped each other with blankets, swore at each other, and cried on each other’s shoulders. We were together while trying on prom dresses and later wedding dresses. We have giggled about crazy uncles and people singing too loudly in church. We have shared countless mistakes and triumphs.

When you have a sister, you can’t help but try to mother them. They are your friend — you are comfortable telling them to get the hell out of your room, only to go ask them what they think about the new cute neighbor 10 minutes later, as if nothing has happened.

When you have a sister, you try to get away from them, try to be free of their constant nagging and tattling, only to realize you start to miss them really fast.

When you have a sister, you share the same scared look with each other after your mother informs you she is going to tell your father about your unacceptable behavior in the grocery store. You protect them, you rat them out, sometimes you hate them to pieces, and other times you long for them more than anyone.

When you have a sister, you fight over clothes, makeup, and bathroom time. You have seen them ugly cry and have wanted to hurt that dickweed who caused those tears.

When you have a sister, you remember the moments you wouldn’t have survived without them. You remember the late nights eating pizza and watching bad television. The fact they know you so well can be a blessing and a curse.

When you have a sister, you piss each other off, you tell each other to eat the extra cookie, and you wait up for them on Friday nights because you want to hear all the juicy details of their night.

When you have a sister, you are unrealistic together, you have someone to share secrets with, and you have somebody to warn you even though they know you probably won’t listen.

When you have a sister, you get to say, “Don’t tell Mom and Dad,” more times than not, even as adults. You know when there is a smell that makes you nostalgic it does the same thing to them.

When you have sister, you eavesdrop on their phone conversations, steal their Halloween candy, and have a screaming match while knowing full well things will be okay tomorrow.

When you have a sister, you still see the girl you grew up with, and fall in love with the woman they have become. You love their children just as much as you love your own.

You have taught each other, your love is unconditional, and when you say, “Remember when…” they always do.

Having a sister feels like home. You have seen it all together and that is one of the greatest gifts I could ever imagine.

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