Ultimate Scary Mommy Adult Gift Guide: Editors' Picks

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Here it is: the guide you’ve all been waiting for. Our editors love testing out the best products and sharing them with you. Whether you need to get a last minute gift, or need to put something just for you under the tree (please do that!) we’ve got something for everyone. These are the things we have personally tested — and personally recommend.

Maelove ‘Love 31’ Face Oil, $77, Maelove


The perfect gift for anyone who loves skincare — luxurious, nourishing and made in the USA.

GYV Mesoamerican Beauty, Starting at $28, GYV


This is a brand you want to support! “Our company’s mission is to celebrate the rich history of the land, spanning from Central America to Mexico, by showcasing the voices, scents, flavors, and places of this historic region.” A BIPOC-owned brand with high-quality products that anyone would be happy to receive. Their candles our my new go-to gift — beautiful on display, and richly scented. Try the hand cream too!

Sensate, $300, Amazon


If you struggle with relaxing and winding down, you need this in your life. It only takes 10 minutes a day and before you know it, thanks to its infrasonic waves, you will feel calmer.

2022 Planner, $29, Papier


Sure planning everything in your cell phone is fine, but nothing beats writing things down in a beautiful planner. Start the New Year off right and stay organized AF.

HPPY Skin, $52, HPPY Skin


We love everything from Hppy skin, and so will you. Shop according to your skincare needs with the comfort of knowing there are no toxins or fillers in these products.

23AndMe, $79, 23AndMe


Give the gift of health (and cool information about your ancestry too!). This kit makes the perfect last minute gift to give. Find out what makes you tick, if you have food sensitivities, and DNA reports.

CalmiGo, $179, CalmiGo


If anxiety is your M.O., the CalmiGo will be your jam. This small, portable device uses personalized breathing patterns and calming aromatherapy to provide natural, drug-free relaxation in three minutes.

Splay Tray, Starting at $58, Splay Tray


The Splay Tray’s design is genius — it’s a bag that opens quickly and easily into a tray, so you don’t have to search endlessly through your crap.

Verilux HappyLight Alba, $50, Amazon


The dark days of winter are a little bit brighter when you’ve got your own light therapy! Bask in the glow of this desktop light and get the Vitamin D kicking. (Bonus: It makes you look really good during Zoom meetings!)

Pure Enrichment PureZone Mini Portable Air Purifier, $36, Amazon


This air purifier is a #1 seller on Amazon for a reason. It’s portable and does wonders for your allergies.

Third Eye Headlamp, $12, Third Eye

Nick Presniakov

Hear me out: you do not need to be outdoorsy to buy this. I use it like Drew Barrymore does — as my reading light at night, so I don’t wake my sleeping kids. Must have.

Sunday Citizen Casablanca Throw, $160, Sunday Citizen


Trust me, you’re gonna need one of these in your life ASAP. There is nothing better to snuggle up with, and it is worth every penny.

O’o Hawaii, $48, O’o Hawaii


You will love everything this brand has to offer, but personal faves include the cleansing balm and brightening serum.

Tini Lux Earrings, $55, Tini Lux


Ear candy is all the rage this season, and we are all the way sold on the quality, timeless pieces from Tini Lux. The Astrid studs are a personal fave, and perfect for gifting.

Hatch, $130, Hatch


Everyone should have one of these, honestly. Buy one for yourself, and your BFF. It has helped calm my nighttime anxiety and improved my sleep.

Jetson Axle Electric Bike, $320, Amazon


Get ready for a ride that is electric and stylish with this electric bike! Use it for your daily commute or for a leisurely weekend ride — either way, you’re gonna love it.

Brita Filtering Water Bottle, $38, Amazon


One of the best gifts for someone who is hard to buy for — you can’t go wrong here. A stainless steel water bottle that keeps your drinks cold, Brita-filtered and fresh, and replaces up to 18000 single-use plastic bottles per year. Love to see it.

Soft Services Smoothing Deluxe Kit, $126, Soft Services


Or really, any Soft Services gift set. The perfect gift to you give yourself, your bestie, your work wife, you really can’t go wrong. The ultimate self-care with a reusable “forever” bag, and we are sold.

Playa Essentials Kit, $26, Playa


Body wash, body serum, and in-shower body moisturizer? Yes please. Playa is known for their amazing haircare, and their body care lives up to that standard too. Plus, it smells freaking amazing.

Plum Beauty Uplifting Facial Roller, $15, Amazon


Sutton from RHOBH made me feel like I had to have a facial roller like this, and she was right! Plum! You can put it in the fridge and de-puff your overtired, under-caffeinated eyes too.

Globe Electric Lamp, $95, Home Depot


Overhead lighting is so 2020. We need cozy vibes, and good lighting for all those Zoom calls. That’s why we’d love to receive a lamp like this. It will elevate any room, and also be functional AF. Not some plastic crap we have no use for — gimme a lamp, baby.

Cuvee Treatment Masque, $40, Cuvee Beauty


If you, or someone you know, loves their hair, this is THE one. Try it, and thank me later.

Hawaiian Lifeguard Association Dive Watch, $250,


These watches aren’t only sexy and fashionable — the company donates a percentage of sales to the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association.

Voited Slippers, $54, Voited


Do you want to wear your slippers to walk the dog or do you want to wear them inside? Now you don’t have to decide! The Soul Slipper is an eco-conscious shoe, built to provide warmth for your feet outside or inside. “A cushy memory foam inner sole creates a naturally molded foot bed that is paired with an ultra-soft fleece inner lining for toasty-warm toes.” Yes, please!

PCH Zip Hoodie, $111, California Cowboy


Everyone loves a great hoodie, and this one is the GOAT. It’s fashionable, durable, and comes in women’s and men’s sizes.

Lander Boards, $149, Lander


Purchase a complete skateboard, or just order a deck and build your own!

Billion Dollar Art Gallery, $39, Billion Dollar Art Gallery


You don’t have to stare at a blank television screen anymore. (I’ve always felt the television was the zit in the room). Turn it into one of your favorite pieces of art by browsing the Billion Dollar Art Gallery.

Drill Kit, $79, Home Depot


Whether you own a home or rent, a drill always makes a project easier. This one comes with everything you need for all your DIY projects.

Power Washer, $99, Home Depot


This power washer is portable and lightweight. It’s a great tool that will keep your home, outside spaces like decks and porches, clean. Not to mention, it’s satisfying AF to see things go from grungy to sparkling clean.

Stone Lain Dinnerware Set, $63, Amazon


These dishes are so fab and go with every style of decor. Get a set for your bestie and get one for yourself.

Aqua Sonic Whitening Toothbrush, $37, Amazon


This set of whitening toothbrushes is amazing. You teeth feel like you’ve just had a cleaning and they will be gleaming white.

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