You Can Now Get Your Girl Scout Cookies On Grubhub

by Christina Marfice
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The Washington Post via Getty Images

It’s now easier than ever to get your hands on some Girl Scout cookies, thanks to contactless delivery options from Grubhub

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, my friends: Girl Scout Cookies Season. And this year, it’s official: The days of driving around town, casing grocery stores, and trying to find that elusive cookie table are officially behind us as a society, because this year, you can order your Samoas and Thin Mints… on Grubhub.

That’s right. With a few swipes of an app on any smartphone, you can have Girl Scout Cookies delivered straight to your home or office. This is a game changer, honestly. It’s the end of one cookie era, and the start of a technology driven, wildly convenient new one. If I’m being honest, I’m feeling a little nostalgic about the thrill of the hunt, but on the other han—oh, wait, my Grubhub driver is here. Tagalong time!

The Girl Scouts announced the new partnership with Grubhub earlier this week, saying in a press release that it will allow their members to safely sell cookies during the pandemic by giving them a convenient option for no-contact pickup and delivery.

“We’re proud of the resourceful ways Girl Scouts are running their cookie businesses safely and using their earnings to make the world a better place,” interim CEO Judith Batty said in a statement.

Batty added that the pandemic has had the unexpected effect of helping members hone their entrepreneurial skills, as they find ways to safely shill those Girl Scout Cookies during a global health emergency. As Batty put it, they’ve had to “use innovative sales tactics, and pivot to new ways of doing business when things don’t go according to plan.”

Currently, Grubhub is offering Girl Scout cookies in select cities in Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Texas, But keep an eye on that list, because it will keep expanding throughout cookie season.

Having the ability to get Girl Scout cookies delivered on demand like this was a natural progression, after the organization began selling them online last year. So if you don’t live in one of the states or cities that offers cookies on Grubhub, fear not! You can still get your fix delivered — you’ll just have to wait a few days, and you won’t be able to track its progress on a map as it gets closer and closer to your mouth. We’re almost living in the future, but don’t worry — we’ll get there.

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