Girls' Night Out: Pre-Children Vs Post-Children

by Lisa Webb
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Everyone loves a girls’ night out. From popcorn and giggles at your first slumber party, to Grandmas with poodle hair, rocking it at the bingo hall. Getting together with the girls is something that we ladies have always loved, and always will.

I’ve recently noticed that although my love of ladies’ night hasn’t changed, I now have two kids under two years old and how I get myself ready for these rare nights out has changed dramatically.

Pre-children preparation for girls’ night out:

1. Put some ‘getting ready’ music on.

2. Pour myself a nice big glass of wine.

3. Browse through my closet and think about what I want to wear. Try a few things on.

4. Have a leisurely shower, taking time to exfoliate, shave my legs and wash my hair.

5. Moisturize my freshly-shaven legs, apply make-up, blow dry and straighten or curl my hair.

6. Refill wine glass and turn up the music.

7. Check in with my girlfriends to see what they’re doing and what they’re going to wear.

8. Revisit the closet, choosing the perfect outfit, shoe and accessory combo.

9. Paint my finger and toe nails, if for some strange reason I haven’t been for a mani/pedi.

10. Finish wine while listening to music and waiting for polish to dry.

11. Call a taxi and check email while I wait.

12. Grab my keys and walk out the door.

That all sounds like a treat in itself, doesn’t it? Who needs to go out after having such an amazing and relaxing time at home?

With young children in the house, here’s what getting ready for girl’s night looks like now:

1. Try and find the remote so I can have 20 minutes of peace while I get ready.

2. Get the kids a snack.

3. Search frantically for something that fits and doesn’t have a maternity panel in it.

4. No time to shower. Settle for deodorant and some dry shampoo.

5. Slap on some mascara and, even though I’m in my 30’s, cover up my zits.

6. Start making supper while wondering when my husband will be home from work.

7. Call husband at work and bug him to come home right now.

8. Feed children and tag husband as he walks through the front door. I’m now off duty.

9. Paint my nails as quick as I can and hope no one notices it’s all over my fingers and toes.

10. Turns out I’m not off duty because I’m still in the house. Do kid’s PJ’s, teeth and bottle.

11. Hugs goodbye, resulting in a bit of snot on my skirt and smudged nail polish.

12. Make a run for the door while I can, turning back to blow a kiss to the little faces pushed up against the window.

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