Are You A Good Mom, Or Are You A Great Mom?

by Regan Long
forsiba / Shutterstock

I’ve decided after much deliberation that I fall into the “great mom” category. It wasn’t easy. It took many years of practice and four babies later, but lo and behold, I’m there. I’ve made it, and to be honest, I’m pretty stoked about it.

Good moms always have their kids’ hair combed, their faces wiped clean, and are on time to wherever they need to be.

Their kids’ outfits show no wrinkles and likewise don’t have stains on them. They typically stay on top of the laundry and never let it pile up.

Good moms wake up early and stay up late. And the majority of the time, their homes are clean and well organized.

Their babies sleep through the night, their toddlers stay in their toddler beds, and their young children go to bed with no argument. They have bedtime routine down to a T.

Good moms never seem rattled in public. They don’t raise their voice and you will never see them have to talk to their children more than once.

Good moms, well basically…they have their shit together. They are few and far between in their category and hold my utmost respect.

Now great moms know their kids’ hair will be a mess by the time you arrive at your destination (naturally, arriving approximately 10-12 minutes late on a good day). They always carry extra ponytail holders in their purse and have wipes on hand because their kids’ faces are a mess approximately 80% of the day.

Their children’s outfits have been pulled from the dryer and have been refluffed approximately 3 times, or they run to pull from the “organized” piles of laundry that still need put away from last week.

Great moms stay up late and wake up early, too, but their homes aren’t always organized or clean. They embrace the chaos and have succumbed. Perfection is so overrated anyways.

Their kids don’t get to bed on time, or if by chance they do, they don’t stay in their beds. Typically, it’s all they can do to make it through bath time and teeth brushing and the putting on of the pajamas to coax their kids (okay, beg their children) to go to sleep in their own bed — and may even bribe them to stay there for the entire night.

Great moms do raise their voices and aren’t afraid to make a scene in public, or rather react to the circus that is happening any time they walk out their front door.

Yes, great moms know they don’t have their shit together, and you know, they’re okay with that. They roll with the punches, expect the unexpected, and don’t care how they’re perceived by others.

I don’t know about you, but damn, I love being a great mom.