Google Has A Fun 'Friends' Trick That Fans Are Loving

by Julie Scagell
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Friends Google search
Warner Bros. Television/Getty and Google

Sure, it’s a year old, but it doesn’t make it less fun to Google your favorite ‘Friends’ characters

If you need one more reason to ignore your kids for five minutes today for a little “you” time, might I suggest Googling your favorite Friends characters? Google came up with a little trick of sorts so that when you type Monica Geller, Rachel Green, Phoebe Buffay, Chandler Bing, Ross Geller, or Joey Tribbiani into the search field, you’ll get an icon to click on that will most definitely bring a smile to your face.

The creators of the iconic sitcom Friends gave us a total of 236 episodes over ten years to enjoy; and with streaming services like HBO Max, you can rewatch them to your heart’s content whenever you so desire. In honor of the show’s 25-year anniversary last year, Google hid these little Easter eggs next to the main character’s names; and when you click on them, a signature part of that cast member pops up.

(Yes, we know this has been around for a year; and yes, it’s worth sharing anyway.)


For example, if you type in Ross Geller, a sofa icon will appear. We already know what it’s going to say (spoiler: “PIVOT!”), but what it does to your screen makes it even funnier. Phoebe Buffay’s name will play you a sweet rendition of her hit single, “Smelly Cat,” and Monica Geller’s icon will make her name squeaky-clean.

Famous for creating “The Rachel” haircut, Google placed an emoji showing her most popular ‘do. If you click on it, you can search pages featuring all of Rachel Green’s ever-changing hairstyles throughout the years.


For those wanting to find Janice’s ‘Oh. My. God,’ shriek or Ben Geller saying “Monica bang” over and over, prepare for disappointment. The hidden icons only appear for the six main characters.


But wait. There’s more.

Google also created a “Friends glossary” built into the search engine, so when you type in those words, a random word from the iconic series will appear and will give an explanation for each one. For instance, “fancy guest” means “one of 11 varieties of towels, along with ‘everyday use.’ Not to be confused with ‘fancy’ or ‘guest’ towels.”


This isn’t the first time Google has surprised us with some good, old-fashioned fun. During quarantine, it announced its new AR dinosaurs feature, which lets you use your smartphone camera to place ten different, realistic, life-size dinosaurs from the Jurassic World franchise in your view.

There are a million ways to get our Friends on, but Google’s hidden icons give us just one more way to celebrate our favorite characters.

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