The Great Camp Letter Contest

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Kids. It’s a good thing we love them so much, because OMG, can they suck! You spend a fortune to send them to overnight camp, eagerly rush to the mailbox daily to see what activities they have been filling their days with and how much they miss you, and instead, you are met with reports like this:


Gee, thanks, Grayson, that was informative! You, too, Maya…

Letter for a Meal Ticket

One of the joys of camp it that it allows kids to explore sides of them they might not at home… Yay!


And even a little puke doesn’t damper their excitement.


They say distance makes the heart grow fonder? Apparently¬†that doesn’t apply to sibling love.

dear butt

Or, parental love, for that matter.

no miss

Of course, kids will always take any opportunity to point out your parental fails. But if you’ve raised them right, at least they’ll have a sense of humor about it…

How Rude

As must you!

(Letters collected via the Scary Mommy and Jenny from the blog Facebook pages.)