Here’s How To Hack Your Grocery List To Save Time And Money

Here’s the thing no one warns you about kids — they eat ALL THE FOOD. This means more time at the grocery store to keep the house stocked with healthy goodies (and fine, maybe some not-so-healthy goodies too). Grocery shopping is that thing we all have to do, but wish we could do quicker, better, and more efficiently. The best way to save time and money is by having the perfect shopping list, but a third of shoppers don’t use one. Listen, you need a killer grocery shopping list, and we’re going to tell you how to create one that will make you look crazy-organized (even if you aren’t). Ready? Let’s do this!

Have A Public Place Your Family Can Write Items Down

Time to break out the chalkboard paint and find some space in your kitchen for a “things we need” display. This way whenever something runs out, it won’t be missed. Although chances are your kids will eat the last of the cookies and “forget” to put it on the list. But it’s still good to have it so you and your spouse can use it, even if the kids won’t.

It All Starts With The Meal Plan + An App

It’s hard to make a meal plan when you have a kid whose tastes change on a weekly basis but the absolute number one way to save money on groceries is to make a weekly meal plan — which is where an app for your grocery store like the Kroger app really shines. Through the app you can check your local store’s weekly circular, clip coupons digitally without printing or snipping and add items to your cart through the “order again” feature. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of saving this much time when you have so little of it.

Always Check Your Staples

Remember to check your staples because mom brain is real. Raise your hand if you made a meal plan that included spaghetti but didn’t put it on the list because you bought so many boxes the last time they were on sale. Solve this problem by ALWAYS checking your staples on hand before making your list.

Don’t Forget The Rando Stuff

Things on this list are items like bathroom cleaning products, new sponges for the sink, cosmetic things like nail polish remover, or any other things that you tend to buy at the grocery store but aren’t food-related — because these things are the ones we always forget.

Plan Your Shopping Strategy

Here’s the real trick to getting in and out of the store, FAST. If you break down your list by produce, dairy, meat, paper, staples, etc., AND put it in the same order as your favorite grocery store’s layout, it’s all wham, bam, thank you, ma’am.

Check For Delivery And Pickup Services

If you really want to save money on groceries, don’t even go into the store. That way you can’t add 20 rando items to your cart while you’re there just because you’re hangry. Through Kroger’s website and their app, you can select curbside pick up or home delivery (just make sure to check that your local store offers home delivery, first). Imagine if everything about motherhood worked like grocery home delivery — just open the motherhood app and a magical associate parents for you. A lady can dream.

So there you have it. The grocery store list is your best tool for saving time and money at the grocery store. Just imagine the things you could do with that extra time, like go for a walk, head to the gym, or organize your pantry. Just kidding! Take a nap instead. Because every mom needs a nap.

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