Guy Fieri And Bill Murray Will Compete In A 'Nacho Cook-Off' For Charity

by Cassandra Stone
Guy Fieri And Bill Murray Will Compete In A 'Nacho Cook-Off' For Charity
Mondadori Portfolio/John Lamparski/Getty and Restaurant Employee Relief Fund

Guy Fieri and Bill Murray are teaming up to provide relief to restaurant employees in the cooking matchup of our dreams

Guy Fieri is undeniably one of the Good Celebrities using his fame in an amazing way during this pandemic. The ‘Flavortown‘ mayor and Bill Murray are teaming up this weekend to compete in “Nacho Average Showdown,” an event centering around raising awareness and funds for the restaurant industry. Make way for the new dream team, everyone.

According to a press release, the event will be broadcast live and judged by both Shaq and Terry Crews. All money raised will benefit the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund (RERF), which helps restaurant workers facing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 crisis. Currently, eight million restaurant workers are unemployed.

The “Nacho Average Showdown” is presented by Tostitos, and in addition to Fieri and Murray (the duo we never knew we always needed), it will feature their sons Hunter Fieri and Homer Murray (a chef and restauranteur as well). The sons will face off with their dads to see who makes the perfect nachos.

Food Network host Carla Hall will emcee the event, joining Crews and Shaq to round out the cast. Viewers will be encouraged to contribute to RERF via the donate button on Food Network’s Facebook page.


“My entire career has been in the restaurant business,” said Fieri. “From bussing tables to flambe captain to dishwasher to chef… I have done it all. I’ve also spent the better part of the last 15 years traveling this great country meeting other folks who’ve dedicated their lives to this business, and let me tell you something, they are the hardest working, most real deal workers you’ve ever met… the heartbeats of their communities. But they need our help and with the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund, we can serve up some support when these restaurant employees need it most… right now.”

Fieri has been one of the many restaurant owners forced to close down restaurants. That hasn’t stopped him from helping his employees and fellow industry colleagues, however. Last week, he announced he was able to raise more than $20 million to help struggling workers by using his connections and getting CEOs from Pepsi, Coke, and Uber Eats, to partner up with the National Restaurant Association to establish RERF.

The relief fund allows restaurant workers to get one-time $500 checks to help cover living costs. The money from the showdown will go straight to the fund. “Nacho Average Showdown” will air on Friday, May 15 at 5 p.m. on The Food Network.