This Guy Really Wants His Girlfriend To Dress Better For Work, And JUST NO

by Cassandra Stone

Listen to this boyfriend whine about the ’embarrassing’ clothes his girlfriend wears to work

Anyone who’s ever attended elementary school knows that teachers who teach young children are a.) usually saints and b.) sometimes like to have fun with their wardrobe. You know why? Because kids love it! Themed, cute, silly outfits are top-notch fun for teachers and students alike. But not for one insecure jerk who wrote in to Reddit‘s ‘Am I The Asshole‘ subreddit to whine about how embarrassing he finds his girlfriend’s “Miss Frizzle” wardrobe.

First things first: Miss Frizzle, The Magic Schoolbus QUEEN, is a fashion icon and should be treated as such. Anything else is slander and it will not be tolerated. Most people who aren’t ghouls agree with this, which is why the jerk boyfriend who complained to the internet has been ruthlessly shamed for his controlling, insufferable attitude.

“My girlfriend is a preschool teacher and for some reason I can’t explain she dresses like Ms. Frizzle,” Jerky Jerkhead writes. “Like a dress with the pattern of whatever they are studying. She makes a lot of them herself, now including matching masks. The kids love it, and the parents seem to think it’s great. I don’t like the amount of attention she gets honestly. I’d prefer if she came home and changed before running any errands.”

Two things right off the bat: his girlfriend teaches TODDLERS so of course they’re going to love that shit, and “I don’t like the amount of attention she gets” = major red flag.

The guy says that his girlfriend was hanging out with his mom one day while she was wearing her work clothes. He, not his mother, was embarrassed about the fact that they were in public together while his girlfriend was wearing a cute outfit. He later threw his mom under the bus and told his girlfriend that she was embarrassed about it.

“I was not expecting her to call my mom and apologize,” he continues. “When my mom asked what she meant, she told her what I said. My mom was furious, explained she doesn’t have a problem with how my girlfriend dresses and thinks it’s great she spends extra time doing things to engage her students. My mom then yelled at me for lying to my girlfriend and trying to throw her under the bus because I was being an insecure jerk.”

SOUNDS LIKE YOUR MOM KNOWS WHAT’S UP, PAL. Raise your hand if you’d shrivel into mortified mush if you had a grown son who acted this way. *Shudders*

Long story short, the guy and his amazing, awesome, fabulous girlfriend got into a fight and he continued to shame her over her clothes. “I said she should be embarrassed to be seen in public like that,” he whined. “She said the only thing she was embarrassed by was me. She hasn’t spoken to me or done anything for me since. My friend said I was horrible and called me trash. I shouldn’t have lied, but I think my girlfriend should take what I think about her clothes into consideration and I’m not sorry for expecting her dress more appropriately in public. Am I really such an asshole here?”

The AITA post went viral on Twitter, so let’s see how the Good People of the Internet feel about it.

The original poster proved himself to be an abusive asshole in further comments on the post:

And, in case you’re wondering how this one turns out — so many of these deprive us of a truly satisfying conclusion — well, buckle up in your bus seat because it’s GREAT.

“EDIT: I’m sure you all will be pleased to know we broke up tonight. She said I’m to controlling and narrow minded so she broke up with me.”