Hailey Bieber Asks Rosie Huntington-Whiteley For Parenting Advice

hailey baldwin talks about motherhood rosie huntington-whiteley
(Hailey Bieber / YouTube)

Hailey Bieber is doing her homework on motherhood

It’s no secret that Justin Bieber is ready to start a family. The singer has been vocal about wanting a lot of kids even before he was married to Hailey Baldwin, and it appears that the time for a Bieber Baby is imminent. In the newly released documentary Justin Bieber: Our World, he and Hailey discussed the idea of her being able to “squish out a nugget” in the very near future. Justin said he would like to “start trying” to bring another Bieber into the world at the end of 2021, and in the doc, Hailey didn’t seem to have her mind made up on whether or not they should start trying to conceive. “It’s up to you, babe,” Justin said.

But a just-released deleted scene from her YouTube series Who’s In My Bathroom? makes it seem like Hailey might be into the concept of trying to conceive sometime soon, too. In the short clip, she talks with her friend Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who is currently pregnant with Baby #2, and asks about her new motherhood experiences.

“I literally know zero about being a mom, but I do want kids one day — what’s your biggest piece of advice?” Hailey asked. And we have to say, Huntington-Whiteley had some pretty solid advice, starting with “being easy on yourself.”

“It’s full-on and it’s a juggle whether you’re at stay-at-home mom, whether you’re a working mom, it’s a juggle and you take on a lot,” Huntington-Whiteley opened. She noted that being easy on yourself and being kind to yourself were vital in her experience as a new mother.

Huntington-Whiteley also said that Hailey should follow her instincts when it comes to becoming a mom

There is just so much advice out there when it comes mothering, and quite frankly, it can become overwhelming. That’s why we love Huntington-Whiteley’s next piece of advice, which, funnily enough, is to take others’ advice with a grain of salt. Although she did note that there is one person she can always turn to for advice: her own mom.

“I feel really lucky I can call my mom, on my bathroom floor, sobbing,” she said. Hailey laughed and added that she does that too, so it already seems like she is on the right track.

“You lean into your grandmother’s, your mother’s advice, you know, older women around you that have been through it. The amount of camaraderie and support that I felt from women was just like nothing else I’d experienced, and it is really just a wonderful bond to have between other mothers,” Huntington-Whiteley said. It truly does take a village to raise a child.