Live Your Best Life With This Hairy Chest Swimsuit

by Maria Guido
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Image via Beloved Shirts

If dads get to relish their #dadbods, we get to wear this hairy swimsuit

There’s a swimsuit going viral, right in time for summer. It’s a one piece, it’s user-friendly, and it will give moms the #dadbod they’ve always wanted.

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Behold the sexy chest hair swimsuit, from Beloved Shirts:

Image via Beloved Shirts

Think about it ladies: we have to obsess about our beach bodies for months on end, try on all manner of unfortunately designed swimsuits, and spend way too much time on hair removal. So much pressure! Dads? They just roll on the beach in some board shorts and call it a day. Oh, and their flabby post-kid bodies are celebrated as sexy. Damn, those flabby bodies are sexy. But why can’t ours be sexy, too? It’s so unfair. Which is why throwing caution to the wind and buying this $45 one-piece is really a statement.

It says, “I did not spend an hour on hair removal before I came to this beach. Also, I don’t give a shit what you think about my beach body.”

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It even comes in three different skin tones:

Image via Beloved Shirts

And if you want to be able to enjoy this new, hairy freedom in a place other than at the beach or pool, you can treat yourself to this sexy chest track suit:

Image via Beloved Shirts

Come on. You know you want this. Imagine showing up to the PTA meeting like, Hey ladies! Or, you could just embarrass your kids more than you already do.

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This summer, live your best life. Seize the day, and this amazing swim suit.

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