Hallmark Announces 40 New Christmas Movies For 2020

by Cassandra Stone
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Hallmark Is Releasing 40 New Christmas Movies This Year
Hallmark Channel

It may only be July, but we’re ready NOW

Whether you admit your love for Hallmark romance out loud and proud or keep it to yourself because of internalized misogyny, we all know that one of the best things about the Christmas season is the legion of Hallmark movies. And this year, the kinda cheesy, over-the-top, holiday movie channel knows we’re going to need some binge-able content more than ever.

Both Hallmark Channel‘s “Countdown to Christmas” and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ “Miracles of Christmas” are scheduled to kick off on Friday, October 23 — which, honestly, isn’t a moment too soon. Halloween, shmalloween. And even though we’re eventually going to get to a point where no new things are being filmed, Hallmark is still churning out 40 brand-new holiday movies this year. FORTY. Time to grab a glass of Hallmark wine and dive in!

Since none of us have ever been home this much and there’s absolutely no end in sight, particularly when cold and flu season amps up alongside the horrific pandemic, what else is there to do? WE NEED ESCAPISM, DAMN IT. And Hallmark always delivers when you desperately need to shut your brain off and watch a bearded hero with startlingly white teeth in a wool sweater sweep DJ Tanner/Gretchen Weiners off her feet.

And if you can’t wait until October, well, you’re in luck — it’s Christmas in July over in Hallmark Land so head on over for some fake snow, endless red and green sweaters/scarves/pea coats, no shortage of decorated and idyllic homes, evergreens as far as the eye can see, small-town gals and big city guys, and cookie-baking galore.

So how is Hallmark pulling off all of these movies during a pandemic? Well, apparently most of them were shot earlier this year and several others are slated to shoot later this year. Hallmark does a fair amount of filming in Vancouver, B.C., where production regulations are a little more lax than here in the good ol’ totally-screwed-up-this-entire-pandemic-in-every-possible-way USA.

While the storyline are mostly under wraps for now, one new movie will feature Sarah Drew and Brennon Elliot as they spend the holidays amid beautiful music and the romantic atmosphere of — you guessed it — Vienna.

Christmas will likely look pretty different this year for most of us, but it’s nice to know we can still count on Hallmark to remain consistent.

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