Mother’s Day Messages from You Make for One Hell of a Tribute


Mother’s Day Messages from You Make for One Hell of a Tribute

by Team Scary Mommy
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This Mother’s Day will be one to remember as many face the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though many of us can’t be physically with our mothers this year, Scary Mommy has compiled personal messages from family members to share in this touching tribute. Incredibly, when strung together, the qualities of the special moms in our lives blend together in a powerful message.

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So while this Mother’s Day will be very hard for many of us, especially the heroic mothers on the front lines, we are all united as we begin to face the new normal. Subscribe to Scary Mommy here:

There will be so many emotions and we will handle them in different ways. There will be the new moms who because of coronavirus, cannot introduce their new babies to their extended family. Some of them may even have had to face childbirth alone. There are many mother’s who have lost mothers to COVID many of whom cannot hold traditional funeral services. There are the teacher moms somehow holding it together for everyone else’s children so that they can go to school remotely. The work from home moms who are alternating from conference calls to multiplication, to never ending loads of laundry. How is the laundry possibly multiplying at this rate? Scientist moms, please explain.

So this is our day. Let’s take it in and spend it the way we want it. Let’s allow ourselves to celebrate ourselves and let the small stuff take a back seat. If there is any takeaway from a global health crisis it has got to be to focus on what matters. With family time taking on a whole new meaning this year, we wish you and all the special mothers in your life a Happy Mother’s Day.

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