Yes, You Should Have a Third Child

by Scary Mommy
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Scary Mommy

I’ve seen so many articles on the difficulties of having three children and the merits of having just two. I’m certainly not on a mission to prevent third children, but can see how the posts would be interpreted that way. Last week, a reader commented that she thought she wanted three kids but was having second thoughts thanks to my postings, which was never my intent at all. So, for the record: I love having three children and truly can’t imagine my life any other way. If you are on the fence about if you should have a third child or not, I most definitely recommend expanding your family. Your days will no doubt be more hectic, more challenging and more overwhelming, but they will also be filled with more wonder and more love than ever before. How could you not want that?

Here are 10 (out of a gazillion) reasons I love my third child…

1. He doesn’t just kiss you; he grabs your face with both hands and KISSES YOUR FACE OFF. He does’t just hug you; he envelopes you completely. Everyone he loves, he loves fiercely.

2. He brings out the silliness in everyone around him. It’s just impossible not to laugh around Evan.

3. He dives into everything he does one hundred and ten percent (often without looking and always causing me near heart attacks, but still.)

4. He completely worships his big brother and big sister.

5. He will find his way into your arms and make himself completely at home there.

6. He is happy just to come along for the ride, his expectations pathetically low.

Yes, You Should Have a Third Child

7. He’s got a style all his own, and he rocks it.

8. He is pure and utter sweetness, even when he is up to no good.

9. He made our family complete, despite it never feeling incomplete before.

10. He will always be my baby, long after he isn’t a baby anymore. I know so, because he promised me. And I’m holding him to it.

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