Hilary Duff Gets Dragged Into 'You' Conspiracies For Looking Too Much Like Love

by Julie Scagell
Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Adopt Together

Hilary Duff and You actress Victoria Pedretti do look similar

Like millions of others, I, too, binged Season 2 of You in one day. It was hard to stop — the characters were just as engaging as Season 1 and just when you thought the show couldn’t get any creepier, they went ahead and added another layer of creep with Love’s character, played by Victoria Pedretti. Apparently, it’s not just her personality people are talking about — many fans believe she is the actress Hilary Duff, reincarnated, and that Duff’s IRL husband is Joe??

It’s not the first time Pedretti has been compared to other actresses. When Season 2 dropped, she was considered by many to be the long lost twin of Kat Dennings from 2 Broke Girls while others thought she was the spitting image of Elizabeth Olsen. It seems fans have now decisively chosen a third person in their conspiracy theories — Pedretti is Hilary Duff. Or the other way around.

Twitter was all aflutter about the uncanny similarities between the two actresses:



Of course, the doppelgänger conspiracy got Even More Interesting when fans remembered Duff appeared on Gossip Girl with You’s Penn Badgley, back when he was most known for being Dan Humphrey.

But what really sent things over the top was after Duff uploaded photos of her and new husband, musician Matthew Koma, on vacation and not only does she look exactly like Love, but her husband most definitely looks like Joe:

I have to say, I didn’t really see it initially, but now that I look through some of her recent photos, it’s hard to deny that they don’t bare a striking resemblance to Love and Joe.


While Pedretti just gained a bunch of new fans for playing the delightfully wicked Love, Duff’s had our heart for years. She’s been nothing but candid about her struggles with motherhood — even crowdsourcing fellow moms for tips to deal with colic. She’s also every mom trying to help their kids with homework once they reach a certain age. It’s just — painful.

Regardless of who looks like who, all the comparisons are lovely because these are some seriously gorgeous and powerful women. But also like, super weird, because you know? #Murder