SJP Says All 3 Sanderson Sisters Are On Board For 'Hocus Pocus 2'

by Cassandra Stone
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SJP Says All 3 Sanderson Sisters Are On Board For 'Hocus Pocus 2'
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We need the sequel to ‘Hocus Pocus’ now more than ever

Hocus Pocus, the beloved 1993 Halloween classic that every millennial worth their salt absolutely adores, is getting a sequel. Disney+ has officially launched the development of Hocus Pocus 2, and, according to none other than Ms. Sarah Jessica Parker herself, all three Sanderson sisters are very into starring in the sequel.

“I think that it’s something that Bette [Midler] and Kathy [Najimy] and I are … very hospitable to the idea,” Parker said on Sirius XM’s “Quarantined with Bruce” this week. “I think for a long time, people were talking about it as if people were moving forward with it in a real way but we were unaware of it.”


AS IF you could make a sequel to a movie of this magnitude and not inform its three main stars! The original Hocus Pocus starred Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy as the three infamous witch sisters who have been cursed since 1693 in Salem, Massachusetts. The witches are inadvertently resurrected 300 years later by teenager Max Dennison, whose family has moved from Los Angeles to Salem. He and his adorable sister, Dani, lead the sisters on a 20th-century adventure as they try to thwart the trio’s plans of becoming immortal.


According to SJP, she and her costars are very much agreeable to making things official and signing on the dotted line of the next movie. “I think now we’ve gotten to the point where we all, like, agreed publicly to the right people, [saying], ‘Yes! That would be a very, very fun idea.’ So, we’ll see. We’ll see what the future holds.”

Last Halloween, she basically confirmed that they were all on board in an “unofficial” capacity.

Hocus Pocus was not a huge box office success, scoring just $39 million worldwide on a $28 million budget, according to Variety. But that has absolutely not stopped it from becoming a sort of cultural phenomenon with an entire generation of viewers. Who have now mostly grown up and given birth to a whole new generation of potential viewers and fans.

When Variety initially announced news of the sequel, the film’s original stars were not attached to it. But it looks like the witchy winds are changing and we absolutely cannot wait to see what’s bubbling and brewing int he next film.

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