Guy Goes Viral For Transforming His Place Into The House From 'Home Alone'

by Madison Vanderberg
Originally Published: 
Kevin Urrutia O'Reilly/Instagram

A home in Texas is going viral for its life-like Home Alone display

During this stressful and hellish year, people are doing whatever they can to summon up some goodwill and joy, which is probably why everyone you know has started decorating their home for Christmas well before Thanksgiving. But for some people, getting the house in Christmas shape is more than twinkle lights and a Christmas tree, some people are out here transforming their home into the one from Home Alone and god bless these literal patriots.

The house I’m now dubbing the “Home Alone Christmas house” first went viral when an onlooker drove past and posted a video on TikTok. This replica of the Home Alone house has everything you love from the iconic Christmas film: Kevin McCallister on the roof, the two Wet Bandits, a cutout of Michael Jordan, the phrase “Merry Christmas ya filthy animal.”

The creator of this delightful project is Kevin Urrutia-O’Reilly from Austin, Texas. His TikTok bio says he’s a “Painter/Product Designer/Programmer” but just does these elaborate Christmas displays as a “hobby.” O’Reilly told Scary Mommy that he and his wife Alex Moreland have never “done something like this,” but were inspired to turn their home into the McCallister’s “in celebration of the 30th anniversary since the release of Home Alone.”

It’s the extremely life-like Wet Bandits that did it for me. O’Reilly says he got the two characters to look like Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern with 3D printing and filled their heads with “construction foam, wood filler, and Bondo attached to styrofoam and then airbrushed.”

O’Reilly says the little touches you see around the house (the Michael Jordan cutout in the window, the photo of Buzz’s girlfriend, the zipline, etc) are all his wife’s doing. He wrote on Instagram that the two of them had “been working on these decorations little by little for the past couple of months.”

Even Kevin McCallister himself (erhm, Macaulay Culkin) weighed in on the holiday display, jokingly tweeting, “I’m gonna sue.”

This lifelike creation puts Clarke Griswold to shame. Bravo to this couple from Austin. We can’t wait to see what you two do next year.

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