I Can See Clearly Now The Fog Is Gone! Fighting Glasses Fog While Mask Wearing

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How To Keep Glasses From Fogging With A Mask
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Face masks have become a vital way to stay healthy — and not just because of COVID-19. While mask-wearing has proven to be one of the best methods in avoiding the spread, masks can also help keep colds and other viruses at bay. But for some, it’s been tricky figuring out how to keep glasses from fogging with a mask. Wearing glasses isn’t optional for many, but masks often cause glasses fog that makes it hard to see. What’s a glasses-wearer to do?

While many people have already figured out how to keep glasses from fogging with a mask, it’s an issue that may be fresh for those who just finished their appointment with an optometrist. Plus, it’s always good to have a refresher. Dealing with glasses fog can make the mask-wearing experience a bit unenjoyable (or should we say more unenjoyable?). That means it’s imperative to know techniques for fighting the fog.

Why do glasses fog with a mask?

Before learning how to stop it, you should know why it happens in the first place. It’s all about condensation and temperature. The warm air from your mouth is hitting a cool area, which creates fog. It kind of gives you a newfound respect for the power of temperature, right? Those who wear glasses are also likely familiar with glasses fog when coming inside a warm house while it’s cold and snowy outside — or simply stepping from an air-conditioned space into a hot and humid day.

How can you keep glasses from fogging with a mask?

Trying to figure out a decent anti-fog method may seem difficult at first, especially since having a tight seal on a mask is critical for ensuring it’s as effective as possible. So, here are a few tactics to try that don’t sacrifice safety.

Proper Fit

One of the most important things you can do is make sure your mask fits correctly. An improper fit may create more fog.

Masks With “Nose Bridges”

Masks with nose bridges also help control glasses fog. Since they fit your face better, they help keep warmer air from escaping out of your glasses. This makes the issue more controllable.

Repositioning Your Glasses

It may take some getting used to, but some people have figured out how to keep glasses from fogging by simply placing their glasses differently on their face. Having glasses overlap the mask to “seal” it in place has been the solution for many individuals.

Soap and Water

Soap and water have already proven their worth during this pandemic, so why not use them for hacking glasses-fog too? While this technique doesn’t work on all lenses (and you might want to call your optometrist if you have a special prescription), it’s proven to be a relief for many.

All you need to do is lightly wash your glasses with soap and water. You can wipe them off from there. The soap helps form a safe boundary to let the warm air pass over your lenses. It’s worth a shot, especially if you already wash and cleanse your glasses this way. And, hey, you can even make your own soap to use!

Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo is also a fan favorite. Even athletes use it to keep their goggles clear. You can apply it the same way you would the soap and water method above. Or leave a thin layer of the shampoo on the lenses overnight for longer-lasting results.

Anti-Fog Products

Of course, as this is a widespread problem, companies have already tried to figure out a solution you can buy in stores. Warby Parker sells an anti-fog spray, and Nerd Wax sells a specialty anti-fog cloth that glasses-wearers can keep around in case of a fog emergency. Since we’ll still have to wear masks after getting vaccinated (until the CDC says otherwise), you might want to invest in a product made specifically to tackle the problem.

Shaving Cream

In shaving cream, there’s a compound called glycerin which produces a protective film on surfaces, including your lens. Sometimes it’s used to keep bathroom mirrors from fogging up. Cover your glasses with the light paste and then rinse them off with water. Then let it air dry.

Whichever way you choose, don’t feel guilty about being extra if you’re searching for a glasses-fog solution like it’s the Holy Grail. Foggy lenses can be distracting, and being able to see while staying safe and healthy is necessary.

Tuck a Small Tissue in the Top Of Your Mask

To help absorb the heat of your breath, put a small piece of tissue over the bridge of your nose to block it from reaching your glasses. You can also use a cloth and fold it under the tip of your mask. The key is to fill all the gaps between your skin and the mask.

A Nose Clip (Like The Ones Swimmers Use)

If your mask isn’t a good fit, a nose clip can help secure it and keep your breath from clouding your frames.

Will glasses fog up with an N95 mask?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter the type of mask you use because although an N95 mask is secure, the air you breathe into it still leaks moist and heated breath that can fog up your glasses.

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