How to Raise a Sporty Kid

How to Raise a Sporty Kid

by Team Scary Mommy
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Not all kids are into sports and that’s cool. (I’m definitely not either.) But we want to encourage them to be active, and to be able to work as part of a team. So where to start when their go-to activity is Fortnite? Well, we have some tips that will help your kids get off that gaming chair and actually enjoy their sport of choice. With these tips, your kid will be feeling encouraged instead of stressed when it comes to all things athletic… so they can feel accomplished when they eventually go back to playing Fortnite. (It’s all about balance.)

Make It Fun No one has to win a trophy or be the very best at age 4. Sometimes soccer is just kicking a ball around and around and that’s okay. If they’re having fun, they’re more likely to want to do it again. And, if they fall on their face, it’s a teachable moment. See, it already is a win win.

Try Everything Who knows what they want to play if they’ve never tried it before? So, give everything a try. Don’t burn her out on just gymnastics. Who knows, her real calling could be tennis. The next Serena Williams? Yes, that sounds good.

Make Them Finish Kids might like the idea of playing a sport but want to quit half way through. Sometimes quitting isn’t the best option. Talk to them about finishing and being a team player. They may even end up liking it.

Stop Yelling Don’t be THAT parent. No one likes the screamer. Along with their coach, you are your kid’s best role model for sportsmanship. Help them win or lose like a champ and then watch it on and off the field.

Kids’ sports don’t have to break the bank. Check local rec centers or schools for free or affordable options.

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