From The Confessional: My Husband Won't Let Me Cut My Hair

by Cassandra Stone
Tara Moore/Getty

These men have the audacity to have an opinion on their wives’ hairstyles

It’s not just Jim Bob Duggar who decides how his wife (and daughters, barf) wear their hair. Apparently there are a lot of husbands out there who not only express opinions on their wives’ hair, but they have rules against cutting it? What in the name of Republican Jesus is this horse crap, right?

A lot of dudes are into long hair and just completely missed the memo that women can wear their hair however they want to, whenever they want to. And yes, bodily autonomy 100% extends to hair! Someone clue these guys in before they get the knuckle sandwich so many of them deserve.

H told me hates to see a fat woman with short hair. he hates fat women altogether. then tells me i need to have a better body image even though i carry 60 extra pounds from using food to deal with my life. now i have health probs and it's my fault.

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i am so controlled by H that i have long hair i cannot stand and cut my bangs myself as he hates me to go to the salon. i wear old sloppy clothes and sit at home all the time unless he wants to take me out and then he asks why i have no dress clothes. wtf

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Sometimes it’s not the husband with the opinion…

DH said he wants me to cut my hair short. Boyfriend says my long hair cascading around me when i’m naked it sexy. Needless to say I’m not cutting my hair.

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I cut my hair too short and H doesn't like it. I dont like it either, but I have to pretend I do.

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I despise that my husband treats me like a child and tell me how I can and cannot dress. What I can and cannot eat and that I cannot cut my hair. I hate that he never takes my feelings into consideration at all. Lies!

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Okay, what IS IT with these men and their obsession with long hair? Is it misogyny? Is it their own serious case of toxic masculinity and projecting that onto the heads of their wives? Jesus tap-tancing Christ, fellas, your wife wants short hair!

I realised today that my H hasn't loved me the same since I cut my hair right off. His Type has long curly hair. Fuck.

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My husband wouldn't be attracted to me if I cut my hair short. He told me this. I am going to the salon tomorrow. Jerk.

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Also, what IS IT with them not only thinking the thing about short hair, but telling their wives they won’t be attracted to them anymore? Okay, how many of these guys are bald? Honestly! Who says that??

I found out after 3 years of being with my husband how shallow he is when he got depressed and ignored me because I cut my hair.

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Sometimes if my husband won't comply to my wishes, I threaten to cut my hair. I'd never do it, but he doesn't know that. He loves long hair, so he usually agrees pretty quickly when I threaten to chop it off. :)

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Long hair can be a huge pain in the butt. It can get heavy, stringy, broken, split, etc. And long hair doesn’t automatically mean “feminine.” Would you tell Halle Berry with her sharp AF pixie cut of the ’90s that she wasn’t feminine? Come. ON.

Speaking of audacity, one of these guys even found his way into our Confessional to complain about his wife’s hair.

My wife cut her beautiful long hair short and now looks ridiculous and I don't have the heart to tell her

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I am cutting off a ton of my hair tomorrow. My H, DS, and DD love my long hair, but it's hot and it takes forever to wash. When it comes down to it, though, it's my hair, right? (Yes, I feel the need to control SOMETHING)

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Okay, when the whole family has an opinion on how you should wear your hair, it’s time for a cut. No joke.

Ladies, please don’t let your man (or your children, or anyone else) dictate what type of hair you have. If they “can’t find you attractive” that’s their problem. Not yours. Get them a therapist and you go ahead and get the hairstyle of your dreams.