If Moms Did Rage Yoga


If Moms Did Rage Yoga

by Team Scary Mommy
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Yoga is about spirituality and it’s a fundamental and necessary practice when you’re a mom. When you lead this kind of hectic and busy life motherhood gives you, finding your peace is essential. Subscribe to Scary Mommy on YouTube: https://bit.ly/3bBD9VI

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For some people, yoga is the key to their inner peace and happiness. They find clarity in staying still and quiet, holding poses and releasing all of their tension with each movement. But if you’re a mom like me and need something a little, um, more extreme to get all the negativity out, maybe Rage Yoga will become your new thing.

In the true practice of Rage Yoga, it’s described as a release of all the stuff that’s bothering you. Well, moms, have a lot of stuff bothering them! There are many F bombs and pushed down feelings that we keep inside for some reason or another. Maybe we can’t curse in front of the kids. Maybe the Parent-Teacher conference you managed to squeeze in your schedule isn’t the best place to vent about the never ending cascade of work that’s on our plates. Or maybe you’re sick of saying the same thing over and over again to the same people. No matter how many times you’ve told your kid to just eat what’s on their plate, it just doesn’t seem to sink in.

So, what does one do? One rages in a safe space. That is rage yoga. It allows you to let go of your pent up rage in a healthy way and with other like-minded people. In this video, we give a sneak peak into what a Rage Yoga class for moms would look like. Instead of tree pose, think Go Ask Dad Pose. Instead of Lotus Pose, think Put Your Shoes On pose.

Being a mom is not easy. If you can’t find a rage yoga near you, just enjoy practice with this video! You get the idea. Now, inhale, yell, release. Ahhh, I know I feel better.

Now into THIS IS NOT A RESTAURANT pose, moms!


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