18 Things For Introverts Who Hate “Peopling”

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Introverts know that there ain’t no party like a stay-home party, ’cause a stay-home party means you don’t have to talk to anyone.

Whether you’re an introvert, or you know some introverts, you know that what we all really crave is alone time. We can be social when we need to be, but we find every second of it to be completely exhausting.

And at the end of the day, we introverts only have the energy for being social through our phones. Please love us anyway.

Here are 18 things that will make the introverts in your life finally feel seen (even though we’d rather stay hidden, to be honest):

1. “Go Away” Coffee Mug

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This “Go Away” Coffee Mug says it for you when you haven’t had your coffee yet: Please leave me alone and don’t expect me to make small talk.

2. “NAP QUEEN” Hoodie

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This “NAP QUEEN” Hoodie is perfect for anyone who’d rather be napping than socializing, 100% of the time.

3. Introvert Doormat

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An Introvert Doormat is a must-have to keep people from knocking on our doors. We’ll never answer it anyway, but at least now visitors will know why.

4. “CATS Because People Suck” Tee

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A CATS tee is a great gift for anyone who realizes that cats are awesome and people suck. And cats will never drag you to a party. Just sayin’.

5. “Dogs Welcome, People Tolerated” Towel

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Or there’s this “Dogs Welcome” Towel if you’re not a cat person OR a people person.

6. “Way Too Peopley” Wine Glass

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This “Way Too Peopley” Wine Glass is a 17 oz. stemless cup that will hopefully do the talking for you at any party you get dragged to.

7. “I Hate Everyone and Pants” Tee

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This “I Hate Everyone” Tee describes me so perfectly that I’d get it tattooed, if that didn’t mean I’d have to talk to someone to get it done.

8. “Dogs Are My Favorite People” Tee

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And there’s also a “Dogs Are My Favorite People” Tee for people who really want to drive the point home that their pets are cooler than most humans.

9. “I Made It Awkward” Mug

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This “I Made It Awkward” Mug is a cup that most introverts will relate to on a spiritual level.

10. Introvert Prints

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These Introvert Prints are fun decorations that you can point to when it’s 9 p.m. and you’re ready for your houseguests to leave.

11. “My Favorite People Are Fictional” Tote Bag

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This “My Favorite People” Tote Bag is a great gift for people who love books because they’re not real people.

12. “My Favorite People Are Fictional” Pint Glass

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There’s even a “My Favorite People” Pint Glass for your favorite introverted book nerds who also love beer.

13. “Anti-Social Butterfly” Shirt

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This long sleeve “Anti-Social Butterfly” Shirt is great for plane trips, family gatherings, or any other public place where you want to be left alone.

14. “Silence” Coffee Mug

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This “Silence” Coffee Mug says “Silence is my happy place,” and it’s been a while since I’ve had that, but I remember good things.

15. Introvert Activity Book

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An Introvert Activity Book is great for anyone whose ideal Saturday night is spent alone drawing, writing, and creating.

16. Introvert Decal

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This Introvert Decal is a cute gift idea for your introvert friends. And it’s only $5.49.

17. “Introverts Unite” Travel Mug

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An “Introverts Unite” Travel Mug is a great gift for any introvert who needs caffeine after being forced to socialize.

18. “My Favorite People Call Me Mom” Tee

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A “My Favorite People Call Me Mom” Tee is great, but I think it would be even better if it said, “The only people I can tolerate call me mom.”

Remember, whatever gifts you want to get for the introverts in your life, what we really want is some time to ourselves. Especially check on your introvert mom friends. We’re desperate for recharge time AND hate having to ask people to babysit, so please just offer.

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