'Don't Hide. Just Ride': Jameela Jamil Gives Spot-On Body Positive Sex Advice

by Sarah Bregel
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Jameela Jamil/Instagram and Rachel Luna/Getty

Jameela Jamil doesn’t mince words when it comes to talking about body positivity and sex

Jameela Jamil, the beautiful and talented actress who plays Tahini on The Good Place, loves to build women up and she’s always got solid advice when it comes to loving our bodies. She recently took her honest words one step further when she shared a hilarious (in a hilarious-because-it’s-hella-true-way) on Instagram, along with her own comments that make it even better.

The post itself reads, “Dear big girls don’t be afraid to get on top if he dies he dies”

IF HE DIES HE DIES. I mean, what a way to go, ya know? It’s pretty freaking laugh-out-loud funny on its own. But Jameela’s words make it next-level-good in both funny and meaningful ways.

She starts off her comments saying, “This made me howl with laughter and fall in love with this woman,” before getting serious. “It is a hilarious way of raising SUCH an important conversation around our body shame and its impact on sex. So many of my friends can’t have sex with the light on, because they can’t enjoy it if they think they are seen. This is a rough road, and while I cannot and will not tell you how to feel, I can reassure you… if someone is having sex with you, they know who they are in bed with, and they aren’t thinking about your body.”

At least, not in a bad way, she means! The advice is solid honestly because most women, at some point or another, have been able to relate to that discomfort. And truthfully, she’s probably right that it is mostly unfounded. When you’re having sex with someone, chances are, they are pretty pumped about that. They are not critiquing your physique. So, it’s best to just get into it and enjoy yourself, right?

She ends her post with “Just tell yourself what you would tell a friend. Or a lover you were with who feels self conscious. Don’t Hide. Just Ride.”

Pretty sure “Don’t Hide Just Ride” became the body-positivity slogan for 2019, ammirite?

Jameela is just so damn refreshing, isn’t she? I mean, in a world that profits off of women feeling not-so-great about themselves (hello, make-up, razors, contraptions to push up our boobs, squeeze our waists till we can’t breathe, and on and on and on), we sorely need some body-positive role models. Jameela is that in every possible way. And it makes sense that she has strong feelings about body image. She’s dealt with some really challenging struggles relating to her body from hearing loss, to injuries from a car accident, to coping with anorexia.

But the best thing about her is that she’s taken all her own pain and insecurity and used them to help lift others up. She’s the founder of the I WEIGH community, she talks openly about her own body struggles, and she’s been an outspoken critic of unhealthy diets that celebrities so often endorse.

Jameela is so real. And that’s the kind of true, genuine beauty we need more of.

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