Jason Momoa Says He's 'The P.E. Teacher' While Homeschooling His Kids

by Madison Vanderberg
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Jason Momoa Tells Ellen He's 'The P.E. Teacher' While Homeschooling His Kids

Jason Momoa tells Ellen DeGeneres how he’s adjusting to quarantine life as his kid’s interim P.E. teacher

Jason Momoa is currently quarantining at home with his wife Lisa Bonet and their kids Lola, 12, and Wolf, 11, and it sounds like everyday at the Momoa-Bonet household is just 24/7 exploratory P.E. with instructor dad. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres the actor says he’s actually enjoying the stay-at-home rules because it’s rare that he’s at home with his family this much as he’s usually traveling for work, though he says that all the homeschooling is over his head except for the one subject he knows really well.

“We’ve had a really nice time. I rarely get to be home, so it’s pretty special,” Momoa told DeGeneres during the remote interview. “We have a little bit of space. I feel very thankful.”

However, just like all parents around the world who are having to add “interim teacher” to their workload as their kids work remotely from home while schools are closed, Momoa is struggling with it. However, he’s a slam dunk Physical Education instructor.

“Thank God they have their teachers and much respect, because its kinda sh sh for me,” Momoa joked about his inability to help out with any of the kid’s school work. “They don’t go to me for any…I’m like the P.E. coach. Get your ass outside. Wanna go rock climb, skateboard? But, that’s about it.”

Apparently, Momoa’s yard includes “skateboard ramps” and “climbing walls” and the family likes to partake in “shooting tomahawks and bow and arrows.” You know, just your typical backyard kiddie activities.

Two weeks ago, Momoa shared a video of his 12-year-old daughter doing some “quarantine training” which consisted of riding a bike and then throwing a tomahawk mid-ride. It was pretty awesome and certainly more interesting than dodge ball or slow walking a mile or whatever is going on in P.E. classrooms these days.

“I want to be my kids when i grow up,” Momoa wrote alongside the video. You can catch a glimpse of the family’s rock wall in the last slide of this Instagram Post too.

How are the Momoa children going to return to regular old P.E. when they can bike, climb, skate, and throw tomahawks with P.E. teacher dad in the backyard?

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