Can We Stop Trying To Make Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Happen?

by Madison Vanderberg

Jennifer Aniston makes headlines for inviting Brad Pitt to her holiday party, leaving us to wonder when we’ll all just let them live?

Rumor has it that Brad Pitt went to Jennifer Aniston’s holiday party over the weekend and not only that, he was one of the first to arrive and second to last to leave. **hushed gasps all around.** The internet is abuzz with possibility because the former lovers are now both single and apparently celebrating the holidays together and we have one thing to say about it: Can we stop trying to make Brad and Jen happen?

According to Entertainment Tonight, a source says that Brad left Jen’s “intimate” holiday gathering around 11 p.m. That’s it. Brad stayed out at a party until 11, and now the internet is all like:

To jog your memory, Brad and Jen went on their first date in 1998, you know, twenty-one years ago. They split in 2005, which, for those keeping track was 15 years ago, and here we are, feverishly wondering if they’ll get back together. Damn, can Jennifer Aniston live, or what? And this isn’t a new thing. This time last year, In Touch dedicated an entire cover to Brad and Jen and how they spent Christmas together. You could shrug it off because In Touch is just a silly tabloid and mostly half-truths, but then The Los Angeles Times — you know, the respected home for journalism — published an article earlier this month on how Brad and Jen might “reunite” at the 2020 Golden Globes. That’s it, that’s the story — wondering what will happen when two former spouses go the same event. The Brad and Jen obsession is, quite frankly, out of control and has been for well over a decade.

Yes, they were an iconic Hollywood couple, but the obsession with Brad and Jen’s love-life is a thinly veiled attempt to mask its true intent, which is that too many people are obsessed with what man Jennifer Aniston is attached to and more specifically, that she can only ever be happy if she’s back with Brad. That is why the Brad and Jen reunion narrative is so exhausting.

You can tell Jennifer is exhausted by the narrative too. In a 2015 interview with CBS This Morning, the interviewer asked her if she still talks to Brad, and Jen, in the kindest way possible, shut it down.

“We’ve exchanged good wishes, that sort of stuff,” Jen explained, “But, [it’s] not a constant thing. Do you talk to your ex-wife?”

The public is so concerned with Jen and Brad’s future, but Jen is over here, completely unbothered, living her best life.

Stop trying to make Brad and Jen happen and just let Jen be the vibrant queen she is. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.